Director Of Social Services: Eliud Njeru

The Development department is an outreach arm of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) involved in the physical, intellectual, environmental, social and economic life of the poor, the marginalized and all other vulnerable members of our nation, Kenya. The department has curved a niche in the overall holistic ministry of the church under the name of Christian Community Services (CCS) which believes in “An abundant life” for all people of God.

The department was established in 1983 after a church leaders' consultation in Limuru, which articulated the Philosophy and Theology of the church’s involvement in participatory community development with the poor. The consultation was as a response to findings that good work was taking place in education, agriculture, health and water development projects which had been started in a few dioceses from as early as 1975.


The department runs a core secretariat of three program officers who provide facilitation services and capacity building to community based groups and individuals through a well-defined CCS regional structure encompassing all ACK dioceses and diverse vulnerable groups.

The CCS regions have evolved into operationally autonomous effective organizations with specific legal entity, board of directors and staff that combine competence and church ownership. This was deliberately planned as an assurance to efficient management and delivery of services to community members.

The Geographical coverage of each region follows administrative boundaries of the ACK diocese as below:-

CCS Region
Name of Regional Organization
ACK Dioceses
1. Coast

Pwani CCS

Taita Taveta and Mombasa

2. Eldoret

Eldoret Region

Eldoret and Kitale

3. Nairobi/Kajiado


Nairobi, Kajiado & All Saints

4. Nakuru

Nakuru Region Inter- Diocesan CCS

Nakuru and Nyahururu

5. Nyanza

Inter Diocesan Christian Community Services Ltd.

Maseno South, Maseno West, Southern Nyanza & Bondo

6. Mt. Kenya

Christian Community Services Mt. Kenya Region

Mt. Kenya South, Mt. Kenya Central, Mt. Kenya West & Thika.

7. Mt. Kenya East

Christian Community Services of Mt. Kenya East

Kirinyaga, Embu, Meru and Mbeere

8. South Eastern

Ukamba Christian Community Services

Machakos and Kitui

9. Western

Western Christian Community Services

Nambale, Mumias, Katakwa, Butere, Bungoma & Maseno North.


The development department is involved in a wide range of programmes at national and regional levels all aimed at improving the well-being of poor people. These include integrated Food Security programmes addressing production, transportation, marketing and processing of agricultural and livestock production. Availability of safe drinking water for human and livestock, plus the conservation of soil, water, wildlife and the environment form part and parcel of the Integrated Rural Development Programmes implemented by CCS at community level.

Health Programmes for disease prevention and treatment often with mobile health clinics form a common feature in high population density locations.

The HIV/AIDS pandemic has had far reaching impact on the social, cultural, economic, health and religious life of many individuals, families and communities. The fight against the HIV/AIDS scourge is stronger now and our focus is on information sharing, de-stigmatization and appropriate counseling and coping skills.

The focus on Capacity Building at national and regional level ensures a workforce with appropriate skills to promote participatory and sustainable community development, while at the same time empowering the community to be more analytical about their situations, resources and develop appropriate interventions, to address their challenges. Their capacities are further enhanced through Gender, Justice and Equity, Conflict Resolution and Civic Education and Advocacy Programmes. The need for participation and consultation in policy formulation has been amplified in our recently established programme on Poverty Alleviation and Globalization which empowers local communities to be involved in campaign, lobby and advocacy on issues that affect them.

Arising from the observation that disasters and calamities have dodged poor and marginalized communities over decades the development department designed a Disaster Management and Prevention Programme referred to as DMP to cover the entire country with specific emphasis on disaster prone areas.

Sustainable development goes hand in hand with promotion of skills and investment enterprises. We are therefore involved in a range of Micro-enterprise Development, small-scale business, home improvement and cottage industries aimed at improving living standards of families/households, groups and individuals.

The Way Forward

The Church remains a place of solace, hope and renewal, especially for the vulnerable. The mandate to continue with the mission of Jesus Christ our Lord as exemplified in the Bible especially in St. Luke’s gospel (Luke 4:18 & 19 also Isaiah 61) is still ‘The Good News of Salvation’.

We therefore endeavor with greater vigor and commitment to dedicate our effort to alleviate all forms of poverty, injustices and ignorance.

In the past we have worked with a network of local, national and international partners whose special contribution we highly value. We stand on the premises that ‘Nothing is impossible – God being our help. Together this world will be a better place for all. Amen

Contacts and Addresses

1. Anglican Development Services- Kenya
P.O. Box 40502, NAIROBI
Tel. 2718801, Fax. 2711782

2. The Director, Pwani region
P.O. Box 80072, MOMBASA
Tel. 011-315577, Fax. 011-311105

3. The Executive Director, Eldoret Region
P.O.Box 6495, ELDORET
Tel. 0321-32362, Fax. 0321-61457

4. The Executive Director, Nakuru Region
P.O.Box 56, NAKURU
Tel.037-212151/5, Fax.44379

5. The Director,
Anglican Development Services (ADS) Nyanza Region
P.O.Box 2490, KISUMU
Tel. 035-45227, Fax. 035-45219

6. The Director, Mt. Kenya Region
P. O Box 229, NYERI
Tel. 0171-4749, Fax. 0171-4813

7. The Executive Director, Mt. Kenya East Region
P.O. Box 290, KERUGOYA
Tel. 0163-21478/21209, Fax. 0163-21699
E-mail: /

8. The Director, South Eastern Region
P.O. Box 100, WAMUNYU
Tel. 0145-63030/63258, Fax. 0145-63030

9. The Executive Director, Western Region
P.O. Box 2830, KAKAMEGA
Tel. 0331-30610/20482, Fax. 0331-30610

10. The Co-ordinator, Kajiado Region
P.O. Box 24, KAJIADO
Tel. 0301-21306/21360, Fax. 0301-21106



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