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The Anglican Church Of Kenya Language And Orientation School


The ACK Language and Orientation School, Nairobi is the oldest language school in Kenya established by the Church Missionary Society (CMS) of England. It was started in 1909 as a missionary outreach centre. It served a special purpose in providing missionaries of different denominations, voluntary agencies and bodies not directly under the Church with background information about the areas they were destined to serve by giving them basic languages for ease of communicating with the locals. It served the entire Eastern Africa region.

It was established as a missionary resource centre that housed information on church outreach within the Eastern Africa particularly among the diverse ethnic groups. The early missionaries were committed to studying the local languages to enhance their communication skills with the locals. The language school provided this service.

In 1965, the centre was structured into a school status. It was now able to formally offer curriculum of various languages, with enriched Cross Cultural Training and Orientation. It served missionaries in the respective Anglican Churches of the Provinces of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan and Ethiopia. Other agencies serving in the region were also served by the school. Even individuals started using the facilities to learn various languages. 

On March 24th 1972 the Standing Committee of the Church Province of Kenya Synod considered it desirable and resolved that the administration of the school be transferred to the Province and the trusteeship of its property was vested in the Church Commissioners for Kenya. 


A Growing, authentic Christian Language School


To teach Languages, Orient People and Organizations for Missionary Work and Undertake Research


God is Love, say it in any language and mean it!”


  • Godliness
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Partnership
  • Excellence in service


  • Teaching and testing languages.
  • Orientation to people and organizations.
  • Archive, Christian research and production
  • Translation and editing.


  • To serve ACK in preparation of her expatriate and local workers.
  • To serve missionary societies in preparation of their staff coming to Eastern Africa to serve in employment or with voluntary agencies.
  • To provide teaching facilities for other persons not falling into the above categories.
  • To prepare students for admission into English-speaking school, colleges and universities.
  • To prepare research students for effective Report Writing.
  • To prepare research students for University Semester Programmes in Africa


Language programmes

The language training programme is extensive and ranges from beginners, foundation, intermediate to higher levels of proficiency. The School uses Community Language Learning (C.L.L) Techniques as one of the distinctive methods among others. The languages offered are:


Preparation for TOEFEL, IELTS, TWE, Pitman and TSE Examinations. There are also courses for children 6-14 years geared towards orientation into Kenya School System.


Common languages include; Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese.


Most of the students are sponsored to undertake the course to enable them communicate with the Kenyan community which is dominantly Kiswahili speaking.


The School offers Kenyan and American Sign languages.


Primary languages offered are; Dholuo, Ekegusi, Kalenjin, Kikamba, Gikuyu, Kimaasai, Kimeru, Lingala, Luganda, Luhyia, Kitaita etc.


Orientation is the other most important aspect of the School. The School has literary been a monopoly. Orientation is a fundamental mandate of the school which has over the years been carried out for church and non-church workers, missionaries and students. As soon as students arrive for a course, the school undertakes several one-hour lectures on topics of cross-cultural interest. For workers, the same approach is used but supplemented by visits to places of cultural interest.

However, orientation has not been exploited fully. There is need to develop curricula and framework that would create opportunity for orientation of clergy within the Anglican fraternity, community workers and all levels of leaders within the fraternity. In the current plan period, every effort has been made to expand the orientation programming to encompass this category.


Translation of documents/scripts from one language to another and interpretation services during conferences.


  1. Academic writing,
  2. Phonology and Phonetic,
  3. Public Speaking)

STRATEGIC FOCUS: The School has three strategic goals:

The Language Department

  • To remain relevant in teaching and promoting languages.
  • A growing Language department for Ministry and Sustainability in line with the ACK Vision of a growing and caring Anglican Church


  • To find a sustainable way of keeping abreast with the latest technology for efficiency in service delivery.
  • Leverage technology to offer efficient, convenient, just-in-time quality services to retain a competitive advantage for sustainability.
  • Cater for different needs of the diverse student population.


  • Orientation of Clergy and Church Workers for Ministry and Sustainability; in line with the Vision of a growing and caring Anglican Church.
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Mr. Timothy Ekesa

Position: Board Member

Mr. Timothy Ekesa

Mr. Timothy Ekesa

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Board Member

Lay Can. Jotham Kilimo

Position: Board Member

Lay Can. Jotham Kilimo

Lay Can. Jotham Kilimo

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Board Member

Mrs. Lyn Mengich

Position: Chairperson

Mrs. Lyn Mengich

Mrs. Lyn Mengich

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Mr. Jackson Kirikiru

Position: Provincial Finance Director

Mr. Jackson Macharia Kirikiru is the current Finance Director of the Anglican Church of Kenya. He has previously served as a technical teacher. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance, an MBA in Finance and a member of the Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (CPAK).

Mr. Jackson Kirikiru

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Provincial Finance Director

Mr. Wilberforce Wangalwa

Position: provincial Director of Eduaction

Wilberforce Wangalwa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education (Physics and Chemistry) from Kenyatta University, a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science from Kenyatta University, A Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies from the African International University and Numerous Certificates in Theological Education by Extension. Wilberforce has previously worked as a teacher and is at the time also involved in active service within the Church as a member and Chairperson of several Boards.

Mr. Wilberforce Wangalwa

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provincial Director of Eduaction

Mrs. Sarah Mwaura

Position: Principal and Secretary

Sarah Wanjiku Mwaura is the current Principal of the ACK Language and Orientation School.   She holds a Bachelor of Education degree from Kenyatta University, An Executive Masters of Education in Leadership and Policy Education from Moi University and a Diploma in Management – Business Management option from the Kenya Institute of Management.

Mrs. Sarah Mwaura

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Principal and Secretary


Address: Box 47429,

Bishop Rd, Nairobi

Opposite: NSSF Building

Phone:+254 (0) 718 233 085

Tel: +254 (020) 272 1 897