Increasing access to clean water: Rehabilitation of the ACK St. Paul’s Osotua Borehole

Hundreds of community members living around Osotua, Kajiado County are set to benefit from a rehabilitated water borehole at the ACK St. Paul’s Osotua. The rehabilitation work was commissioned by the Anglican Development Services (ADS) Kenya with support from the Anglican Relief and Development Fund (ARDF). The launch ceremony was presided over by the Bishop of the ACK Diocese of Kajiado, Rt. Rev. Gaddiel Lenini on the 1st of September, 2023.

Dug to a depth of 164 meters, the Borehole was first sunk a few years back but later broke down due to maintenance challenges. After ADS Kenya commissioned the rehabilitation, test pumping surveys established that the borehole could still provide water with the installation of new pumping systems. A consultant, Davis and Shirtliff, was engaged and rehabilitation work commenced. 20 solar panels were installed to power the pumping systems, tapping into solar energy to reduce the costs of electricity.

The Rt. Rev. Bishop Lenini encouraged community members that ‘God’s Resources -such as water, were to serve people and people were to take care of them.”

Rev. Makokha, a member of the water committee that supervised the rehabilitation works, said that the water project would go a long way in enabling the community members access water for their use, especially in the face of adverse effects of climate change affecting water supply not only in the area- but also a greater part of the county.

Rev. Canon Joseph Ailo, the Vicar at the Church noted that Community members in Osotua and its surrounding had for long endured long periods with no rain, affecting their ability to

get water for animal use- and affecting food supply. He thanked ARDF and ADS Kenya for considering the local community in their quest to support communities live dignified lives.

A Water facility management committee has been selected from the local community to help in the management of the borehole. An animal drinking point will also be commissioned from where livestock from the area will be taking water from.