The light Shines in the dark, And Darkness cannot overcome it

For a world in Darkness- full of sin, Hopelessness, disease, Corruption and pain- God sends His son and light to shine, and the darkness cannot overcome it.

Each day, we see, and may experience Darkness around us. In our families, work, businesses, relationships. But Today, Christ comes to shine Light to us. He comes to give us life and redeem us back to God.

When we experience his Light, we are transformed. We are given the power to become Children of God represent his light. We are given the power to shine the light to the world around us.

His light is eternal, and he never departs from us. Nothing takes it from us. Neither does hunger, nor poverty, nor intimidation and nakedness. Even in the loss of the flesh, he restores eventually. And Brings us to the place Of Christ our Savior- a place of Hope and Light.

Today as we reflect on the need for the messiah, may we sense the assurance of God with us.  May we depend on God’s assurance of a counsellor and prince of peace- Christ the word who became flesh, and the light of the world that Darkness can not overcome. May we open our hearts for him, repenting from our sin and embracing him as God and savior. May we bring to him all the things that wear us down and drive us into desperation.