Pioneer women Anglican Bishops in Africa reflect on Leadership during Public Lecture

The 6 Pioneer women Anglican Bishops in Africa participated in a series events at the St. Paul’s University. The events included meetings with staff and Students in the Department of Theology and later a Public Lecture on the topic of Christian Leadership in the 21st Century. The 6 are in the country for a first of its kind gathering organized in partnership with St. Paul’s University and The Episcopal Church Office of Global Partnerships (U.S.A), Africa Partnership Office. The Bishops reflected and offered perspectives on various issues touching of women leadership within communities and church spaces, and opportunities for driving up women involvement in leadership.

Drawing from personal ministry experiences, each of them reflected on how cultural misconceptions have hindered constructive involvement of women in leadership spaces and the dangers of Theological misinterpretations in perpetuating gender discrimination.

Appreciating the support provided by male colleagues, the Bishops also lauded the deliberate efforts being made in Churches such as the Anglican Church of Kenya to empower women and bring more women on-board decision-making levels.

The Public lecture also reflected on the role of mentorship in encouraging women leadership and how the Church could be a positive force of eliminating Gender based discrimination.

The Lecture was attended by students and staff from St. Paul’s University, clergy and Christians from several Dioceses in the Country and representations from other ecumenical organizations. The Bishops are Rt. Rev.  Elizabeth Awut (Rumbek, Episcopal Church of South Sudan), Rt. Rev. Dr. Dalcy Badeli Dlamini and Rt. Rev. Dr. Vicentia Kgabe (Eswatini and Lesotho Respectively, Anglican Church of Southern Africa), Rt. Rev. Filomena Tete Estevão (Christo Rei/ BOM, Anglican Church in Angola and Mozambique) Rt. Rev. Emily Onyango and Rt. Rev. Rose Okeno (Bondo and Butere Respectively, Anglican Church of Kenya)

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