Hosanna: Please save us (lessons from Palm Sunday)

As we commemorate the entry of Christ into Jerusalem, from the margins of the city into the center of the Society, we pray that we will encounter his transformative power and leadership.

The choice of a donkey to get into Jerusalem, reflects a lot about his Kingdom, the servanthood and humility that it carries. The crowds express their desire for a savior and leader, Chanting ‘Hosanna’- And surrendering to his leadership. Eventually, Christ lays his life for them (and us).  These actions demonstrate his love for humanity, how he can transform lives.

Some of the critical lessons that we can draw from His humble entry are that:

  1. The Path to true greatness is through humble entry.
  2. When we encounter Christ, we experience his transformative power.
  • When we are transformed, we should spread hope and change lives.

Through noble leadership, the decisions we make in life, from personal to public spaces, determine the success we have as a society. Servant leadership is about sacrificing ourselves for the lives of others.  When we sacrifice ourselves, our families will be better. Our Communities will grow and we will bring hope and healing to others. When we encounter the lowly Christ, his transformative power strengthens us.  This transformation will lead us to make noble decisions, that will create better opportunities for future generations, and this Nation will stand.

May the Lowly Christ inspire us, to change a world, such as ours.