The history of Archival work in Kenya dates back to 1844 when the Church Missionary Society (CMS) began their work in. It is noteworthy that the earliest colonial records of Kenya were preserved by the Anglican Church (CMS) illustrating the Anglican contribution in Kenya’s civilization and development.

ACK Provincial Archives is the Agency responsible for providing permanent care for the Anglican heritage in Kenya. The Archives is mandated to ensures sound records management practices in the Province: to Identify, acquire, process and organize the historical collections of the Anglican Church of Kenya for permanent storage, preservation and access to equip God’s people with information for transforming the society with the gospel.

Our collection size is over 7000 folders whose contents  dates back to the year 1844 with earliest recorded burials, records of the Church Missionary Society (CMS) – including letters by Dr. Kraft, , births and marriages registers (1844-1955); the very first minutes of ACK Mombasa Diocese Synod (1888) and early church planting, Church Institutions, Healthcare and Church organizations (NCCK, AACC, ACC, CAPA, CORAT etc); the church leadership and structure; the Mau Mau struggle, among others therefore serving as a useful supplement to the records of the Kenya National Archives and National Museums of Kenya.

The  Provincial Archives  provide permanent storage  and access to Marriage registers; Burial registers; Sermons of the archbishops/bishops (Clergy);Church buildings, monuments and graveyard; Records of Consecration of Archbishop, Bishops and ordination of the priests; Minutes of provincial boards, Parish councils and other church committees; Minutes of the provincial synod; Training records of the clergy; Confirmation and baptism records; Correspondences of the Church leadership and administration; Treaties, agreements/MOU, Trust deeds and Electoral Ballots for the position of the ACK Archbishop, Bishop and other senior elective position in the church; Administrative records of Church organizations and Institutions; Financial records of the diocese and the province.( Audited accounts and  Annual Financial statements);Building plans, maps, artifacts, Photographs of historical value to the Anglican Communion; Inventories of  all the properties owned by the Anglican Church of Kenya; Private records of great value to the Anglican Church ( records of great contribution by the general membership of the church);Any other records as may be determined by the Provincial Secretary.


A heritage for maintaining and strengthening the identity and growth of the Anglican Communion in Kenya.


 To provide appropriate and permanent care for historical records, tombs and monuments of the Anglican Church of Kenya for research and development


The ACK Provincial Archives exists to Identify, collect and preserve archival materials which illustrate the growth and development of the Anglican Church of Kenya, both before and after incorporation; arrange and describe these materials according to the Archival principles and make them accessible on regular basis, unless restricted by a legal requirement or written agreement with the donor; provide adequate and appropriate conditions for storage, protection and preservation of the Archival collection; provide regular reference service to individuals, organizations, researchers, government agencies and other interested groups for a fee; provide educational and outreach programming whenever possible to increase public awareness and appreciation of the history and development of the Anglican Church in Kenya.


  1. To identify, acquire, organize and preserve archival materials and monuments of the Anglican Church of Kenya.
  2. To ensure proper security of the records and monuments in the province.
  3. To ensure that records of intrinsic /Original value are preserved and /or stored in fire proof cabinets
  4. To ensure best practices in the management (creation, use, preservation, transfer and disposal) of records in the province.
  5. To assist in the establishment of repositories in the province with the approval of the respective Bishop.
  6. To provide reference and research services, documentation services and publicity programs as may be necessary.
  7. To establish self sustainability activities to supplement the budget of the archives.


Honesty, Determination and Professionalism

Holder of National Diploma in Library and Information Studies (KNEC). Currently in pursuit of Bachelors Degree in Records Management ( UNISA);Certified Internal Systems Auditor – (KEBS); Certified ISO 9001 – 2008 (Quality Management System) Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS); Certified LIS, Greenstone, KOHA and MARC (University of Nairobi Library); International Conference recognition: World Bank Information Disclosure Policy –Information Services Consultant World Bank Nairobi. Registered member of Kenya Librarians Association (KLA), Kenya Libraries and Information Services Consortium (KLISC).

Joined ACK as an Assistant Archives Officer in April 2012. I have a wealth of experience spanning 24 years in library and Archives Industry. Chief LibrarianKisii National Polytechnic, Riccatti Business College, Allen Groove School, Serare School and Kenya Utalii College. Records Assistant Officer- World Vision International. I have adapted to various situations within the academic, social and professional environments, with an edge to develop a capacity for independent competitiveness and initiative.

I have a high degree of self-motivation, commitments to duty and interpersonal communication skills with supervisory skills and ability to foster team work. I have practical knowledge in LIS Greenstone, KOHA and MARC. Solid judgment, organization and planning are some of the skills and personal qualities I bring to my every task.


 We are located at the 2nd Floor of the ACK Language School building, ADS Kenya Office, along Bishops Road – Community.

Physical Address
2nd Floor, ACK Language School Building,
Bishops Road, Opposite NSSF,

P. O. BOX 40502 – 00100, NAIROBI.

Tel: +254 725 599 227, +254 20 271 8801, +254 20 271 4752/3

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