Green Anglicans

The Anglican Communion states that the fifth mark of mission is to strive to safe guard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the Earth.  The Church has a moral responsibility to take care of God’s creation by demonstrating stewardship. The Church is God’s people and God’s people are passionate about taking care of the environment. This has been demonstrated through different approaches used to cater for the environment such as farming God’s way and organic farming among others.

Unfortunately, some human activities have contributed to unsustainable utilization of resources resulting to destruction mother nature with numerous adverse effects. The Church seeks to support churches, Dioceses and communities to fulfil God’s call to be Earth Keepers and to care for creation.

Our Objectives are:


  • To promote productive and responsible management of the environment.
  • To champion recycling of waste products
  • To plant trees and encourage afforestation and good forest and farm management.
  • To engage all Anglicans in productive, responsible and beneficial interaction with the environment.
  • To promote adoption and use of clean, affordable and renewable energy
  • Promote climate justice in Kenya and the World.
  • To conserve God’s Creation


 Our Key Activities include Tree planting, Collection and recycling, Promotion of Green energy, Green garden for seedlings, Climate smart enterprises, Entertainment center for sports and games among others.

Their motto is based on Romans 6: 19 “sure and steadfast“.