The Kenya Anglican Men’s Association (KAMA)

The Kenya Anglican men’s Association traces its roots from the Mother’s Union operations. Retired Archbishop Manasses Kuria was so impressed by the work of the Mothers’ Union that he felt it right to start what was formerly referred to as the Fathers’ Union. The union first started in the same parish where the first pioneer Mothers’ Union members had been enrolled, namely Mwongoiya in Anglican Diocese of Mount Kenya South. It has over the years grown and spread to all the ACK Dioceses across the Country, becoming part and parcel of the Church ministry.

KAMA’s motto is: “As for me and my household will serve the Lord” Joshua 24:15-16. Its members are drawn from Anglican Clergy men and Laity. They must be over 25 years of age and Married. Membership is in some cases open to those below the age of 25, provided that they are married. The members must also ascribe to the Mission of the association and are publicly enrolled as members.

Objectives of KAMA:

  • To help its members to grow in spirit, mind and body to be nurtured in faith for every good work.
  • To encourage its members to play an active part in the mission of the Church.
  • To promote Christian principles in national, civic and community life.
  • To encourage its members to undertake acts of Christian service for the distressed, disadvantaged, or disabled.
  • To encourage its members to use the gifts God has given them as good stewards of God’s varied grace.
  • To encourage its members to use their resources in supporting the work of the Church at all levels.
  • To encourage Anglican lay men and women to play a positive role as Christians in the political, social and economic life of the nation.
  • To honour the institution of marriage as ordained by God and to promote Christian family values.
  • To promote Christian Fellowship, Love and Unity in the Church and the society and to promote spiritual enthusiasm among its members.
  • To promote God’s Kingdom and to set forth his glory

To enhance Spiritual Growth, Personal Development and spread its ministry in the Anglican Church, KAMA:

  • Organizes and Holds regular meetings for prayer, ‘Bible Study and fellowship.
  • Organizes conferences, seminars, educational trips exchange visits and other activities for members for capacity building.
  • Contributes and helps in raising funds for the Association and special projects of the Church.
  • Supports individual members who offer themselves to serve the Church as full-time missionaries, evangelists, or pastors by prayers and finances.