ACK Diocese of Bondo

ACK Diocese of Bondo

The Diocese of Bondo was created in September 1999 on the subdivision of the Diocese of Maseno West. Its first bishop was The Rt. Rev. Johannes Otieno Angela who was Consecrated & Enthroned in Feb. 20th, 2000 as the first Bishop. He retired in 2017 and succeeded by the Rt. Rev. Prof. David Kodia who was consecrated as the 2nd Bishop on the 4th of June 2017. It has 4 Archdeaconries.


  • Bondo Archdeaconry
  • Usigu Archdeaconry
  • Chianda Archdeaconry
  • Ramba Archdeaconry
The Rt. Rev. Prof David Kodia,

Diocesan Bishop

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Emily Onyango,

Assistant Bishop

Retired Bishops:

  1. The Rt. Rev. Johannes Otieno Angela (2000-2017)

Contact Information

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Prof. David H Kodia PhD

P.O. Box 240-40601, Bondo

Bishop’s Email:

Diocesan Website:

Diocesan Email: