ACK Diocese of Diocese of Bungoma

ACK Diocese of Bungoma

The Diocese of Bungoma was created upon the subdivision of the Diocese of Nambale on the 1st of January 1996.  Its First Bishop was the Most Rev. Eliud Wabukala (Emeritus) who was consecrated on the 13th of October 1996. He served in that position until 2009 before he was elected as the Archbishop of The Anglican church of Kenya and bishop of All Saints’ cathedral. The Rt. Rev. George W Mechumo succeeded him and was consecrated as the second bishop on the 1st of November, 2009. It is served by 9 Archdeaconries.


  • Webuye Archdeaconry
  • Tongaren Archdeaconry
  • Kimilili Archdeaconry
  • Bungoma East Archdeaconry
  • Bungoma West Archdeaconry
  • Kabula Archdeaconry
  • Butonge Archdeaconry
  • Lwandanyi Archdeaconry
  • All Saints’ Malakisi Archdeaconry
The Rt. Rev. George W Mechumo

Retired Bishops

  1. The Most Rev. Eliud Wabukala (1996-2009)


Contact Information.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. George W Mechumo (Consecrated and Enthroned on the 1st of November, 2009)

P.O. Box 2392-50200, Bungoma

Tel. 055-30481