ACK Diocese of Butere

ACK Diocese of Butere

This Diocese was created in 1993 by the subdivision of Maseno North. It started with about 115,000 members served by 30 clergy in 29 parishes. The first Bishop is the Rt. Rev. Horace Etemesi was consecrated on 29 August 1993 and the headquarters are at Butere. This was one of the oldest missionary foundations in Western Kenya. Bishop Etemesi was for many years the Manager of Uzima Press and later Regional Coordinator for Africa and Latin America for the World Association for Christian Communication in London.  He retired in 2003 and was replaced by the Rt. Rev. Michael Joshua Sande. Bishop Sande Retired in 2013 and was replaced by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Tim Wambunya, was consecrated, on the 6th of October, 2013- and served until 2020. The current Bishop of the Diocese is the Rt. Rev. Rose Nereya Okeno. She was consecrated and Enthroned on the 12th Sept 2021, becoming the First Female Diocesan Bishop in the History of the Anglican Church of Kenya.


  • Buchenya Archdeaconry
  • Mulwanda Archdeaconry

The Rt. Rev. Rose Nereya Okeno

Retired Bishops

  1. The Rt. Rev. Horace Etemesi (1993-2003)
  2. The Rt. Rev. Michael Joshua Sande (2003-2013)
  3. The Rt. Rev. Dr. Timothy Wambunya (2013-2020)

Contact information.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Rose N. A. Okeno


Butere Diocesan House, Ministry,

Operations Centre.

P.O. Box 54 – 50101, Butere,

Office Tel: 0742,485,024