Created as the Archbishop’s Diocese and the Metropolitan

Diocese on 1st September 2002 on the sub-division of the Diocese of Nairobi.

Bishop: The Most Rev. Dr. Jackson Ole Sapit
P.O. Box 10313 – 00100, Nairobi,
Tel: 0712-287919/0737-913394.
Diocesan Office location: St Nicholas CDC Karen
(opposite St. Christopher’s School). 

Administrative Secretary (Ag): Ven Joyce Kariuki

Vicar General: Ven Canon Simon Muoko.

Provost: The Very Rev Canon Sammy Wainaina.


All Saints’ Archdeaconry: The Very Rev Canon Sammy Wainaina

St. Francis Archdeaconry: Ven. Joyce Kariuki

St. Luke’s Archdeaconry: Ven Canon Simon Muoko.

Other Institution:

Lavington United Church: P. O. Box 0603-25030, Lavington.


Created on 1st September 1999, on the sub-division of the Diocese of Maseno West.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Johannes Otieno Angela
P.O. Box 240-40601, Bondo
Cell phone: 0705-213964

Administrative Secretary: Ven. George Omil Nyunja

Tel. 0722450591

Bondo Archdeaconry: The Ven Monica Owiti

P.O. Box 137-40601, Bondo.

Usigu Archdeaconry: The Ven Jeremiah Ralwa,

P.O. Box 41, Usigu.

Chianda The Ven: Archdeacon WaIter Mandu Pino,

P.O. Box 13, Rageng’ni. Tel. 0720470659

Ramba Archdeaconry: The Ven Ruth Aura Odongo

Nyakongo Archdeaconry: The Ven Samuel Otieno Sudhe

Mahaya Archdeaconry: The Ven Gilbert George Yewa

Akoko Archdeaconry: The Ven James Odeny Asewe.

Other Addresses:

Bishop Okullu College of Theology and Development

Kokise, P.O. Box 87, Nyilima.

Principal: Rev. Canon Prof. David K’odia

Saradidi Rural Health Programme, P.O. Box 33, Nyilima

Inter-Diocesan Christian Community Services: Bondo Zonal Office, P.O. Box 240-00601, Bondo. Tel: 057-520415

Other Departments:

c/o P.O. Box 240-40601, Bondo. Tel: 057-520415


Created on 1st January 1996 on the sub-division of Nambale Diocese.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. George W. Mechumo
P.O. Box 2392-50200, Bungoma
Tel. 055-30481 Fax 254-055-30481
Mobile: 0726-400718/0733-680921

Vicar General: Ven. Canon Kistos Khisa

Administrative Secretary: Rev. Canon Benard Masake. (0728-012791)

Provost, St. Matthews Cathedral, Webuye: The Very Rev. Wycliffe Ademba, (0714779808)

Webuye Archdeaconry: Ven. Mildred Nyongesa (0729-358170)

P.O. Box 794-50205, Webuye.

Tongaren Archdeaconry: Ven. Godwin Syalo Justus Muyelele

P.O. Box 208, Tongaren. (0710-892652)

Kimilili Archdeaconry: Ven. Hellen Sikolia,

P.O. Box 141-50204, Kimilili. (0733-863130/0721-286541)

Bungoma East Archdeaconry: Ven. Johnston Khaemba (0724-036857)

P.O. Box 31-50200, Bukembe, Bungoma

Bungoma West Archdeaconry: Ven. Fredrick Wesonga (0712-780933)

P.O. Box 2392-50200, Bungoma

Kabula Archdeaconry: Ven. Chrispinus Masibo (0725-260164)

P.O. Box 64-50200, Bungoma.

Butonge Archdeaconry: Ven. Bartholomew Kapchanga

P.O. Box 80-50200, Bungoma. (0733-681584/0727-554644)

Lwandanyi Archdeaconry: Ven. Godwin Syalo

P.O. Box 4, Lwakhakha. (0717-586946/0735-693128)

All Saints’ Malakisi Archdeaconry: Ven Fred Simiyu Wephukhulu

P. O Box 2392-50200, Bungoma. (0700-158771)

Other Addresses:

Mothers Union, Youth Sunday, KAMA,

P.O. Box 2392, Bungoma

Wycliffe Centre for Theology, Mission & Development, Siritanyi,

P.O. Box 2392-50200, Bungoma.

Butonge Clinic, P.O. Box 334, Bungoma

Kamukuywa Health Clinic, P.O. Box 423, Kimilili

Khulwanda Health Clinic, P.O. Box 697, Bungoma

Sosyambu Clinic, P.O. Box 2392, Bungoma

Kiminini Medical Clinic, P.O. Box 2392, Bungoma

ACK Madeleine Community Support Centre, Mechimeru

(Madeleine Forsberg Academy & Paula Hayes Medical Centre, P. O. Box 2392-50200, Bungoma. Tel: 0724-708284)

ACK Fredrick Kwata Mission Hospital, Chebukwa.

P. O. Box 2392-50200, Bungoma. Tel: 0728-012791

ACK Maeni Health Centre, Sirisia. P. O. Box 36, Sirisia. Tel:0700-406753/

0731-557844 (Same telephone contacts for ACK Bishop Mechumo School)

ACK Bishop Mechumo Primary School, Maeni. P. O. Box 36, Sirisia

ACK St. James Academy, Kimilili. P. O. Box 197, Kimilili. 0721-288120.

ACK Kibingei Guest House, Kimilili. P. O. Box 197, Kimilili. (0721-288120)

ACK St James Guesthouse, P. O Box 197-50200, Kimilili (0721-288120)

ACK Sango Rural Agricultural Development Programme, Mechimeru

P. O. Box 2392-50200, Bungoma. (0724-708284).

ACK St. Crispin’s Anniversary Plaza , P O Box 539-50200, Bungoma, (0723-342072)

Lay Canon Jotham Sikuta Community Integrated Centre, Kongoli

P O Box 2392-50200, Bungoma, Tel. 0728-012791.

Archbishop Eliud Wabukala Conference Centre, Siritanyi.

P O Box 2392-50200, Bungoma, Tel. 0728-012791.


Created on 1 Jan 1993 on the sub-division of the former Diocese of Maseno North. 5 Archdeaconries. 47 Parishes. 168 Churches.
Population c. 250,000.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Dr T. L. Wambunya
Email:, Tel: 0729-484212
Butere Diocesan House, Ministry Operations Centre
Box 54 – 50101, Butere,
Office Tel: 0790-346272/0772-217483.

Vicar General and Hon. Archdeacon: The Ven. Rose Okeno,

Tel: 0727-012488 Email:

Address as above.

Executive Secretary for Operations and Personal Assistant to the Bishop of Butere: Mr Brown Mujete. Email:
Tel: 0724-278283.

Diocesan Executive Secretary for Mission and Training:: The Rev. Benjamin W. Kibara. Tel: 0722-881786. Email:

Diocesan Executive Secretary for Resource Development and Trustee Affairs: Mr Owens Ochango. Tel: 0707-669657. Email:

Executive Secretary for Social Action and Response: Vacant.

Diocesan Accounts Clerk: Mrs Eunice Kochwa.

Tel: 0720-407510. Email:

Diocesan Executive Secretary for Education in Schools and Archdeacon of Butere: The Ven. Canon Robert Matati.

Tel: 0701-831022. Email:

St. Luke’s Cathedral: The Very Rev. Daniel Inyangala.

Tel: 0713-098124. Email:


Archdeacon of Inaya: The Ven Canon Silas Hopillo

Tel: 0717-270457. Email:

Archdeacon of Khwisero: The Ven Dinah Nandwa

Tel: 0728-639179. Email:

Archdeacon of Namasoli: Ven Slayman Osore

Tel: 0721-675238. Email:

Archdeacon of Shukunga: Ven Peter Andere.

Tel: 0721-922457. Email:


For Diocesan Ministry Coordinators of: (1) KAMA /Men (2) MU/Women (3) KAYO (4) Teens (5) Children and (6) PLWD, use diocesan address above.

Diocesan Institutions:

Eshimuli Guest House: Tel: 0729-567394. Email: P.O. Box 338-50101, Butere.

Tel. 056-620359 Mobile: 0735-932675

African Institute for Contemporary Mission and Research (AICMAR-Chadwick Library)

Tel. 0712-814811, Email: P.O. Box 338-50101, Butere

Namasoli Health Centre, (Proposed St. Stephen’s Teaching and Referral Hospital Namasoli) P.O. Box 72-40610, Yala.

Eshimwenyi Bookshop and Stationers Ltd. P.O. Box 54-50101, Butere.


Created in January 1983 on the sub-division of the former Diocese of Nakuru. On 1st July, 1997, the Diocese of Kitale was carved out. On 1st Jan 2016, the Diocese of Kapsabet was carved out, leaving the present Diocese of Eldoret.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Dr. Christopher Kiprugut Rutto
P.O. Box 3404-30100, Eldoret.
Tel. 053-2062785
Tel/Fax: 053-2063779 Mobile: 0710-577545

Administrative Secretary: Rev. Wilson K. Lagat: (0721-699606)

Provost of St. Matthew’s Cathedral: The Very Rev. Bernard Kosgey

St. Mathew’s Cathedral Archdeaconry: Very Rev. Bernard Kosgey

St. Paul’s Eldoret Archdeaconry: Ven. Ben Birech

Emmanuel Archdeaconry: Ven Jotham Chege

Moiben Archdeaconry: Ven Solomon Chelal

Iten Archdeaconry: Ven Jairus Kemei

St Mary’s Tarakwa Archdeaconry: Ven Zakayo Mutoro

Other Officers:

Anglican Development Services: Mr Peter Nyorsok, Executive Director.

Diocesan Education Coordinator: Mr Reuben Koech (0725-834793).

Diocesan Missions Coordinator: Rev. Wilson Lagat

Diocesan Development Coordinator: Ms Abigail Kotut (0722-964932)

Diocesan Senior Chaplain: Rev. Grace M. Birech

Community Based Rehabilitation Centre: Rev. Evelyn Jerotich

Diocesan Youth and Children’s Ministry: Ven Sammy Too.

TEE Coordinator: Capt. Rose Oindi

Diocesan Accountant: Mrs. Sharon Limo

Other Addresses

Community Based Rehabilitation, (CBR)

P.O. Box 3404-30100, Eldoret



ACK Eldoret Region Company Ltd, (CCS)

P.O. Box 6495, Eldoret. Tel. 053-2062784, Fax: 2062472


Stewardship /Education Department,

P.O. Box 3404-30100, Eldoret, Tel. 053-2062785

Theological Education by Extension Department

P.O. Box 3404-30100, Eldoret. Tel. 053-2062785


Created on 1st July, 1990 on the sub-division of the former Diocese of Mt. Kenya East. On 1st July, 1997, the. Diocese of Mbeere was carved out leaving the present Diocese of Embu.

Bishop: Rt Rev David Muriithi Ireri
P.O. Box 189 – 60100, Embu,
Tel: 0728-787403/0737126276.

Administrative Secretary: Ven. George Toto Tel: 0721-876970

Vicar General/Provost: Very Rev Canon John Gichangi


Kianjokoma Archdeaconry: Ven. Capt Edwin Muriithi

Kigari Archdeaconry: Ven. Kellen Ireri

Kagaari Archdeaconry: Ven. Canon Joel Kaumbuthu

Nginda Archdeaconry: Ven. Peterson Kagane

Karungu Archdeaconry: Ven. James Munga

Cathedral Archdeaconry: Ven. Robert Mwaniki

Nembure Archdeaconry: Ven. Canon Jane Njiru

Other Addresses:

Diocesan Bookshop, P.O. Box 553-60100, Embu.

Tel. 068-30614/30264

Macumo Development Integrated Centre, P.O. Box 382, Runyenje’s

St. Stephen’s Children, P.O. Box 189, Embu.

Te1. 068-30614/30264

Education Department, Youth and Sunday School

Department Hospital Chaplaincy, M.U./K.A.M.A

Department, P. O. Box 189-60100, Embu.

TeI. 068-30614/30264


Archbishop of Kenya, Bishop of All Saints’ Cathedral Diocese and Bishop-in-Ordinary to the Kenya Defense Forces:
The Most Rev. Dr. Jackson Ole Sapit
Office: ACK Garden House 2nd Floor, Wing ‘C’
st Ngong Avenue, off Bishops’ Rd.
P.O. Box 40502-00100, NAIROBI. Tel. 2714755

Provincial Secretary and Personal Assistant to the Archbishop:
The Rev. Canon Rosemary M. Mbogo
P.O. Box 40502-00100, NAIROBI. Tel. 2714752/3/4


Created on 1st January 1993 on the sub-division of the Diocese of Nairobi.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Gaddiel K. Lenini
P.O. Box 203 – 01100, Kajiado,
Tel: 0720-137-409 / 0716-392-564

Administrative Secretary: Rev Henry Nduti

Vicar General: Ven James Ogonji

Provost: Very Rev Joseph Ntoika

Cathedral Archdeaconry: Ven Alfred Muriuki

Oloitoktok Archdeaconry: Ven. Mary Kuria

Ongata Rongai Archdeaconry: Ven. James Ogonji

Kitengela Archdeaconry: Ven Obadia Mushene

Magadi Archdeaconry: Rev. Protas Barasa

Olkejuado Archdeaconry: Ven. Naphtali Lemooke

Other Addresses:

ACK Tenebo Plaza, P. O. Box 203-01100, Kajiado. Tel. 0716-392564.

ACK Tenebo Sacco Society Ltd, P. O. Box 203-01100, Kajiado.

Tel: 0720-059845.

Kajiado Resource Centre and Guest House

P.O. Box 203-01100, Kajiado Tel. 0701-727242.


Masai Rural Training Centre (MRTC) P.O. Box 8-01100, Kajiado.

Tel: 0795-874-697. Email:

Health For all Clinic, P.O. Box 203-01100, Kajiado.

Tel: 0716-392-564.

ACK Oloosuyian Girls’ Secondary School Tel: 0716-408508.

P.O. Box 203-01100, Kajiado. Email:

ACK Kajiado High School, P. O. Box 102-01100.

Tel: 0722-991-506. Email:

Osinoni Hide Away, Oltiasika,

P.O. Box 8-01100, Kajiado. Tel: 0716-392-564.



Comprising Teso, Mt. EIgon and parts of Bungoma Districts. The Diocese was created on 1st January, 1991 after it was separated from the Diocese of Nambale.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. John Okude Omuse
P.O. Box 68 – 50244, Amagoro.

Administrative Secretary: Ven. Isabellah Inyele (0723-415856)

Alupe Archdeaconry: Ven. Moses Idewa

Machakusi Archdeaconry: Ven. Nelius Wambui

Katakwa Archdeaconry: Ven. Joel Okiru

Chamasiri Archdeaconry: Ven Paul Emoit

Mt Elgon Archdeaconry: Ven. Amos Mukung

Other Addresses:

Diocesan Bookshop Manager: Rev Duncan Ikaal.

Department of Communications, P.O. Box 68-50244, Amagoro

T.E.E and Lay Training Centre, P.O. Box 68-50244, Amagoro
Chamasiri Mission Dispensary, P.O. Box 84, Kakemer

Diocesan Christian Community Services, P.O. Box 68-50244, Amagoro

ACK Hoito (Kipchiria) Mission Clinic, P.O. Box 155, Kapsokwony

Chelebei Mission Clinic, P.O. Box 299, Chelebei

Fellowship of the Retired Clergy,

P.O. Box 68-50244.

Amagoro Cheptais Mission Dispensary, P.O. Box 58, Cheptais

St. Luke’s Community Centre, Kakapel P.O. Box 28, Angurai

Mothers’ Union.Youth, Sunday School, Education,

D.M.A., Chaplaincy, KAMA/Boys/Girls Brigade,

c/o P.O. Box 68-50244, Amagoro. Tel. 055-5407


Carved out from Nakuru Diocese on 1st January, 2008.

Bishop: The Rt Rev Ernest Ng’eno
P.O. Box 678-20200, Kericho
Tel. 0717267442

Administrative Secretary: Vacant

Vicar General: Ven Dominic Ole Santeto


Kericho Archdeaconry: Ven. Nicholas Rotich

Sotik Archdeaconry: Ven. Shadrack Tonui

Narok Archdeaconry: Ven. Samuel Ole Naikumi

Transmara Archdeaconry: Ven Dominic Ole Santeto

Other Addresses:

Narok Integrated Development Programme (NIDP),

P.O. Box 122, Narok, Tel. 0731–548248

Transmara Rural Development Programme (TRDP),

P.O. Box 2110, Kilgoris, Tel. 058-5122035

Diocesan Youth Ministry Co-ordinator: Rev Ken Ng’eno.

Diocesan KAMA/Children’s Ministry: Rev Philemon Rotich

Diocesan MU Coordinator: Mrs Emmy Rotich.


Created on 1st January 2016 on the sub-division of the Diocese of Eldoret.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Dr Paul Korir
Diocese of Kapsabet,
P.O Box 643-30300 Kapsabet
Tel: 0719-448282/0723-988119

Office: Diocese of Kapsabet, P.O Box 643-30300.


Vicar General: Ven. Canon William Rop (0724-141561)

Diocesan Administrative Secretary: Ven. Bethuel Cheruiyot (0726-845 863)

Provost (Ag) St. Barnabas Pro Cathedral: Rev. Christopher Seurei (0724-399249)


Kapsabet Archdeaconry : Ven. Canon Japhet Serem (0726-506997)

Nandi Hills Archdeaconry: Ven. Sammy Mitei (0720-314741)

Ol’Lessos Archdeaconry: Rev Canon Peter Omusundi (0722-748505)

Aldai Archdeaconry: Vacant

Kabiyet Archdeaconry: Ven. Japheth Sugut (0721-720585)

Kapkoimur Archdeaconry: Ven. Elijah Rotich (0724-124019)

Other Diocesan Staff

A.C.K Bishop Muge College (Formerly CITC)-Manager Rev. Solomon Kitur (0721-305307)

Honorary DYO: Rev. Samwel Chirchir (0710-551484)

M.U Coordinator Mrs. Teresa Rono (0728-961091)

Accountant: Mrs. Gladys Kemboi (0728-059002)

Kimng’oror Health Centre: Administrator Mr. Obadhia Melly

Trinity Bookshop: Manager Rev Wilson Bassy (0729-585790)

St. Paul’s Theological College: Principal, The Rev Hurbet Weyao (0723-137286)


Comprising Kirinyaga County. Created in July 1990 on the subdivision of the former Diocese of Mt. Kenya East. On 1 July 1997, the Diocese of Meru was carved out leaving the present Diocese of Kirinyaga.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Joseph Karimi Kibucwa
P.O. Box 95 – 10304, Kutus,
Tel: 020-212-4416, Fax: 020-2124414

Administrative Secretary: Ven. Benson Thungururu

Provost, St Thomas’ Cathedral: Ven John Mbui Ngechu.


Mutira Archdeaconry: Ven. Joyce M. Cendi

Kiandangae Archdeaconry: Ven. Alexander Cendi

Mutira Archdeaconry: Ven Joyce Mutitu Cendi

Kabare Archdeaconry: Ven. Stanley Gitari Muriithi.

Ngiriambu Archdeaconry: Ven. Emily Wanja Kinyua

Thiba Archdeaconry: Ven. Fredrick N. Mutugi

Wanguru Archdeaconry: Ven. Mary Muringo Muriuki

Cathedral Archdeaconry: Ven. John Ngechu

Other Addresses:

By-Faith Bookshops, Kutus and Kerugoya, P.O. Box 95-10304, Kutus.

Safari ya Biblia Retreat Centre, P. O. Box 95-10304, Kutus.

Utugi Children’s Centre, P. O. Box 95-10304, Kutus.

Anglican Development Services, P.O. Box 290, Kerugoya.

Wang’uru Extension Station, (ADS), P.O. Box 255, Wang’uru.

Mt Kenya Blessings Water Bottling and Insurance Agency, P. O. Box 95-10304, Kutus.

Staff Medicare and Welfare, P. O . Box 95-10304, Kutus.

Development office, Education Secretary’s Office, KAMA, OVC, M.U., Youth, Children Ministry, Hospital Chaplaincy, Stewardship, Mission, Lay Training,
Office, Stewardship, Lay Training and Maranatha SACCO, P.O. Box 95-10304, Kutus.

Tel. 060-644221 Fax: 060-644237


Comprising Trans Nzoia and West Pokot, and parts of Bungoma and Keiyo Marakwet Counties. Created on 1st July, 1997 on the sub-division of the Diocese of Eldoret.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Stephen K. Nyorsok
P.O. Box 4176 – 30200, Kitale,
Tel: 020-2028911
Fax: 054-31387

Administrative Secretary: Ven Bonface Chesoi Tel: 0715-854092

(Other contacts as above)

St. John’s Elgon Archdeaconry: Ven. Jackson Ngaritai

St. Paul’s Kitale Archdeaconry: Ven. Sarah Khisa

St. John’s Chepareria Archdeaconry: Ven. Canon Polycarp Meger

St. Peter’s Kacheliba Archdeaconry: Ven Benjamin Barasa

St. Andrew’s Kapenguria Archdeaconry: Ven. Bonface Chesoi

St. Luke’s Kitale Archdeaconry: Ven. Canon Kabiru Mbugua

St. Andrew’s Sibanga Archdeaconry: Ven. Julius K. Mettah

Immanuel Psigoor Archdeaconry: Vacant

Other Addresses:

Bishop Muge Guest House and Conference Centre (BMGH&CC), P. O. Box 4176-30200, Kitale.

Dr. Peter Cox College of Mission and Development,

P.O. Box 330, Kapenguria

St Francis School for the Blind, P.O. Box 163, Kapenguria

Kitale ADS Office, P. O. Box 1779, Kitale. Tel. 054-31486

Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR), P. O. Box 4176-30200, Kitale. Tel. 020-2028911.

Mothers’ Union, Mission and Stewardship, Education Secretary,

P.O. Box 4176-30200, Kitale. Tel. 054-31631

Psigor Village Polytechnic, P.O. Box 6, Wei Wei

Kapomboi Farm, P.O. Box 4176-30200, Kitale. Tel: 020-2028911.


Comprising Kitui and Mwingi Counties. Created on 5th April, 1995 on the sub-division of Machakos Diocese.

Bishop: Rt. Rev. Josephat V. Mule
P.O. Box 1054-90200, Kitui
Tel. 04444-22119

Administrative Secretary: Rev. Titus Wambua Tel. 0726-958792

Vicar General: Ven. Canon Robert Mwova Tel: 0724-732022

Kitui Archdeaconry: Ven. Robert Wambua

Ikanga Archdeaconry: Ven. Canon Joseph Nzanga

Syongila Archdeaconry: Ven. Canon Gideon Mulei Muia

Katheka Archdeaconry: Ven. Canon Gedion Muneni Nzoka

Yatta Archdeaconry: Ven. Robert Mwova

Mwingi Archdeaconry: Rev. Titus Wambua

Kyuso Archdeaconry: Ven. Canon Samuel Mutegi Mbiri

Ulungu Archdeaconry: Ven. Canon Benjamin Mulwa Mutia

Other Addresses:

Syongila Lay Training and Development Centre, P.O. Box 100, Kitui

St. Luke’s A.C.K. Integrated Centre for the Blind,

P.O. Box 271, Kitui. Tel. 04444-22734

Kyanika CBHC, P.O. Box 1054-90200, Kitui


Comprising Machakos, Kangundo, Mwala, Yatta, Masinga, Athi River, Matungulu and Kathiani Sub-counties. Created in 1985 on the sub-division of the Diocese of Nairobi and on 15th April, 1995, the Diocese of Kitui was carved out. Finally on 1st January 2013 the Diocese of Makueni was carved out leaving the present Diocese of Machakos.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Joseph Kioko Mutungi,
P.O. Box 282 – 90100,
Tel: 020-2148064/0704-521061 /0738-981-942
WhatsApp: 0722-426-533
ACK All Souls’ Cathedral, off Nairobi/Machaks Road, next to Red Cross. Email:
Diocesan website:

Administrative Secretary: Ven. Patrick Kyalo Munuve (0708-295931/0727-755429)

Vicar General: Ven. Bernard Kitonga (0738-083211)

Provost: Very Rev. John Ikucha (0722-675022)

Director of Missions: Ven Canon Jonathan Kilonzo (0713-470925)


All Souls’ Archdeaconry: Ven. Canon Jonathan M. Kilonzo

Athi River Archdeaconry: Rev Paul Mutua.

Syokimau Archdeaconry: Ven Florence N. Musila

Kangundo Archdeaconry: Rev. Capt Romana Kiio

Yatta Archdeaconry: Ven John Munyao Wambua

Mwala Archdeaconry: Kathiani Archdeaconry: Rev. Matthew Ndiku

Kathiani Archdeaconry: Rev. Isaac Muia.


ACK Guesthouse Machakos, P. O Box 282-90100, Tel: 0798-444251.


ACK St. Paul’s Athi River Academy

P.O. Box 175, Athi River. Email:

Tel: 0706-263-797/

All Souls’ Cathedral Pre-School, P. O. Box 322-90100, Machakos.


Other Addresses: c/o P.O. Box 282-90100, Machakos

ACK Ikulu Faith Dispensary.

ACK Kitanga Health Centre.

ACK Kyamwee Youth Polytechnic

Development Arm of the Diocese

Anglican Development Services, Eastern (ADSE),

P. O. Box 100, Wamunyu.

Diocesan Bookshop c/o P.O. Box 282, Machakos

Other Diocesan Departments: c/o P.O. Box 282-90100 Machakos

Mission and Evangelism Outreach: Rev James Nthongoi (0724-577-108)

Youth (KAYO) : Rev Simon Kavita (0723-087-994)

Children’s Ministry: Ven Johnson Kamaku (0711-658956)

Mothers’ Union: Eunice Musyimi (Mrs) (0720-823-386)

KAMA: Rev. James Nthongoi (0724-577108)


Created on 1st January 2013 on the sub-division of the Diocese of Machakos.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Francis Mboya Matui
P.O. Box 532-90300,
Makueni, WOTE.
Mobile: 0721-831135.
Tel Office: 0727-812-020/0789-393-395

Administrative Secretary: Rev Philip Kilungu (0728-120-403/0738-070-928)

Vicar General: Ven. Canon Abednego Mwikya (0726-328185/0735-149794)


Kithangathini Archdeaconry: Rev. John K. Matatu (0720-439414)

Mbitini Archdeaconry: Ven. Anthony K. Ngovi (0711-645230)

Kibwezi Archdeaconry: Ven. Canon Philip Muthoka (0721-335358)

Mbooni Archdeaconry: Ven. Nancy Ndunda (0725-470902)

Ukia Archdeaconry: Ven Benjamin Kaindi (0726-106551)

Makueni Archdeaconry: Ven. James M. Ndivo (0713-820804)


Departments: Mothers Union, K.A.M.A, Children Ministry, KAYO, Accounts c/o P. O. BOX 532 – 90300, Wote–Makueni

ACK Tegemeo Bookshop(Tel: 0799-852-206); ACK Tegemeo SACCO Ltd; ACK Mutavanya SACCO Ltd c/o P. BOX 532 – 90300, Wote –Makueni

Makueni Mission Outreach Team (M.M.O.T.) Evangelistic team of the Diocese


Created on 1st January 2015 on the sub-division of the Diocese of Mombasa. The diocese comprises of Tana River County, Lamu County and Kilifi County. Kaloleni, Rabai and Mariakani Archdeaconries fall under Mombasa Diocese, although they are a part of Kilifi County.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Lawrence S. K. Dena
Malindi-Lamu Road,
P.O. Box 6110-80200,
Tel: (Office) 020-219-6730.
(Mobile) 0722-536-743

Diocesan Administrative Secretary and Bishop’s Secretary: Miss Jedidah W. Nderitu (0736-463-974)

Vicar General: Ven Canon John Mwambire Ruwa (0715-362-003)

Ganze Archdeacon: Ven. Charles Herya (0721-145-008)

Gede Archdeacon: Ven Joseph Mang’aro Kashuru (0706-227-077)

Gongoni Archdeacon: Ven Canon James R. K. Muramba (0712-777-197)

Kilifi Archdeacon: Ven Capt. Reuben S. Katite (0727-107-402)

Lamu Archdeacon: Ven James Karisa (0721-760-992)

Malindi Archdeacon: Ven Rogers Malau (0726-405-761)

Mtwapa Archdeacon: Ven Canon Silas M. Ndune (0722-568-669)

Tana River Archdeacon: Ven Japheth Wale Mnazi (0725-097-340).

Other Departments

KAMA Rev Isaac S. Mwambila (0720-263-389)

Mothers’ Union Mrs Juliet Mwambire (0711-786-546)

KAYO Rev Moses Obiero Onyango (0720-480-352)

Children’s Ministry Rev Joyce Wanja Kirimi (0725-609-492)

Education Secretary Rev Capt. Mary K. Ngare (0727-068-882)

Communication Secretary Rev Isaac Susi Mwambila (0720-263-389)

Property and Development Rev Josphat Kenga Kalume (0723-912-485)

CCMP/Stewardship Ven Canon John M. Ruwa (0715-362-003)

Diocesan Community Development Forum Mr Moses Shaha (0724-281-610)

Diocesan Accountant Elias Nyale Kambi (0724-783-100)

Uwezo Bookshop Attendant: Felistus Barasa (0725-254-528)

Diocesan Receptionist Miss Agness Wanjiku Gitau (0721-933-996).


Created on 1st January 2015 out of the former Maralal Missionary Area of Nyahururu Diocese.

Bishop: Search Currently Underway


Ven David Lebarleyia.

Mission Director

Rev Peter Lenaola.


Comprising Marsabit and Isiolo Counties and parts of Samburu and Meru. Originally part of the Diocese of Mt. Kenya East, it became part of the Diocese of Kirinyaga in 1990. In 2008 it was taken directly under the Archbishop of Kenya, as the Marsabit Mission Area, and therefore part of All Saints’ Cathedral Diocese. On July 24th 2011 it was inaugurated as a fully fledged Diocese and rejoined the fellowship of Mt. Kenya Dioceses.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Daniel Qampicha Wario
P.O. Box 51-60500,
. Box 21123 – 00505, Nairobi
Mobile: 0700-319730

Administrative Secretary: Rev. Jeremiah Omar, P.O. Box 51 – 60500, MARSABIT

Email: Mobile: 0731-140874

Marsabit Archdeaconry/Provost: Ven Mark Kargi (0726-358-514)

Sololo Archdeaconry: Ven Michael Araru (0723-835-731)

Isiolo Archdeaconry/Vicar General Ven Abraham Oche (0720-784968)

Mission Director: Norm Gorrie (0799-869437)

Diocesan Youth Coordinator: Rev Daniel Odhiambo (0715-897118)

KAMA Coordinator: Rev Matayo Wache (0723-222077)

Mothers’ Union Coordinator: Rev Alice Wangui (0723-882387)

Diocesan Accountant: Nathan Ndegwa (0725-746495)

Isiolo Archdeaconry: Ven. Abraham Oche Riwe

Other Addresses:

St. Stephen’s Training Centre, P.O. Box 51-60500, Marsabit.

Tel: Mobile: 0776-345421/0790-356641. Email:

ACK St. Paul’s Training Centre, P.O. Box 42 – 60700, Moyale Email:; mobile 0720899062.


Created on 1st Jan 2016 on the sub-division of the Diocese of Maseno South.

Created in 2016 on the subdivision of the Diocese of Maseno South.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Joshua Owiti Ouma
P. O. Box 31-40101, Ahero

Administrative Secretary:The Ven. Sospeter Abuto Ogacho.

P. O. Box 31-40101, Ahero. E-Mail:

Tel: +254 720 432 392. Office Lines: +254 791 571 720/ +254 736 226 356


Ahero Archdeaconry: The Ven. Nicholas Otieno Oyare, P. O. Box 31-40101, Ahero.

Rae Archdeaconry: The Ven. Sospeter Abuto Ogacho, P. O. Box 33-40111, Katito.

Songhor Archdeaconry: The Rev. Benard Ogada Okullo, P. O. Box 248-40107,


Was created in 1970 after the sub-division of the former Diocese of Maseno. In 1987, the Diocese of Nambale was separated from it, while in 1993, the Dioceses of Butere and Mumias were carved out leaving the present Diocese of Maseno North.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Simon M. Oketch
P.O. Box 416 – 50100, Kakamega,
Tel: 056 – 30729

Administrative Secretary: Rev. Melkzadek Alex Ondumbu

Provost: James Mwaura

Vicar General: Ven. Frederick Yakwa

Diocesan Accountant: Mr Vincent Oburah

Maseno Archdeaconry: Ven. Jacob M. Mbunjiro

Bunyore Archdeaconry: Ven Anthony Dickens Olwenyi

Esiandumba Archdeaconry: Ven Charles K. Asilutwa

Kakamega Archdeaconry: Ven. Fredrick Yakwa

Eshiamboko Archdeaconry: Ven. Josphat Indeche

Soy Archdeaconry: Ven. Joseph Sikalo

Kiminini Archdeaconry: Ven. Joseph Emonyi

Christ Church Pro-Cathedral: Ag. Dean Ven. Anthony D. Olwenyi

Other Addresses:

Diocesan Office, Youth Director, Sunday School, Mothers’ Union, ADS, Christian Literature Centre, DMA, TEE, Education Secretary, Religious Education Advisor, P.O. Box 416-50100, Kakamega.

St. Philip’s Theological College, P.O. Box 1, Maseno.

St. Phillip’s Sunrise Nursery School, P.O. Box 1, Maseno.

ACK Maseno Mission Hospital, P. O. Box 116, Maseno

ACK St. Francis Mission Station, P. O. Box 125, Soy.

ACK Maseno Youth Polytechnic, P. O. Box 207, Maseno.

ACK Nzalwa Youth Polytechnic, P. O. Box 950, Luanda.

ACK Nzoia Youth Polytechnic: P.O. Box 139, Mabusi.

ACK Soy Youth Polytechnic: P.O. Box 125, Soy.

ACK Mautuma Youth Polytechnic: P.O. Box 110, Turbo.

ACK Lugari Youth Polytechnic: P.O. Box 72, Turbo.

ACK Nzoia Health Centre: P. O. Box 139, Mabusi


Created in 1970 on the sub-division of the former Diocese of Maseno. In 1985, the Diocese of Maseno West was separated off, and again in 1992, the Diocese of Southern Nyanza was carved out . Finally in 2016, the Diocese of Maseno East was carved out leaving the present Diocese of Maseno South.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Dr. Francis Mwayi Abiero
P.O. Box 114 – 40100, Kisumu,
Tel: 057-2025148 (office)
Mobile: 0733709378/0722601110

Vicar General: Ven Canon Charles Ochieng Ongi’njo

P.O. Box 302-40105, Maseno.

Mobile: 0722-270867/0731-485629 Email:

Administrative Secretary: Mr. Joshua Osewe Ochido,

P.O. Box 380 – 40100, Kisumu, Mobile: 0722758580


Dean St Stephen’s Cathedral: Ven Zephenia Kore Omollo

Mobile: 0714-890166/0733-330295.


Cathedral Archdeaconry: Ven. Joshua Orawo Olweru. 0721-457627/0734-573091. Email:

Maseno Archdeaconry: Ven. Canon Charles O. Ongi’njo (See above)

Ndiru Archdeaconry: Ven. Malachy M.axwel Obadha. 0734-856592


Ngere Archdeaconry: Ven. Shem Odhiambo Onyino. 0734-769239/0725-873448. Email:

St. Luke’s Archdeaconry: Ven. Joseph O. Dere. 0721-809877; Email:

Heads of Department

Director of Mission: Rev Fredrick Ochieng Onyango. 0724-866235.


Education Secretary: Mr Collings Otieno Okeyo. 0718-758224.


Mothers’ Union Co-ordinator: Mrs Hellen Ondiek. 0728-565276/0788-678785. Email:

Youth Co-orndinator: Rev Capt Joshua Opondo Ogutu. 0714-707067/0720-810872. Email:

Children Ministry Co-ordinator: Mr Joshua ONgula. 0721-439073.


Music, Drama & Sports Co-ordinator; Mr Isaiah Opere. 0717-667478.


CITC Girl’s Hostel: Mrs Loice Okello. 0722-299994. Email:

Care Services Co-ordinator Miss Leah Achieng Mululu



Created on 1st January, 1985 on the sub-division of the Diocese of Maseno South. On 1st September, 1999, the Diocese of Bondo was carved out leaving the present Diocese of Maseno West.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Wasonga
P.O. Box 793 – 40600, Siaya,
Tel: 0722280648

Vicar General: Ven. Apollo Ochieng Kochieng Tel: 0721-246-619

Administrative Secretary: Rev. John Mark Haung Tel: 0714-397-523

Ng’iya Archdeaconry: Ven. Michael Omondi Tel: 0721-554-115

Regea Archdeaconry: Ven. Edward Onyango Otieno Tel: 0721-571-884

Mudhiero Archdeaconry: Ven. Simon Omondi Otiang

Other Address:

Diocesan Bookshop, P.O. Box 793-40600, Siaya

Ng’iya Health Centre: Yvonne North, P.O. Box 35, Ng’iya

I.D.C.C.S. Siaya Zone, P.O. Box 793-40600, Siaya. Tel. 057-321051


Comprising the sub counties of Mbeere North and Mbeere South in Embu County. Created on 1st July 1997 on the sub-division of the Diocese of Embu.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Dr Moses Masamba Nthukah
ACK Diocese of Mbeere,
P.O. Box 122 – 60104, Siakago
Tel: 0721-423-840.

Administrative Secretary: Ven John K. Nthiga. (0720-420589/0701-002077). Email:

Vicar General: Rev. Canon Stevenson N. Gachucha. (0708-587518).


Provost of St. Peter’s Mbeere, Siakago: The Very Rev. Canon Kennedy M. Kiriamiti (Tel: 0724-484-992)

President of Mothers’ Union: Lay Canon Lucy M. Masamba

Tel: 0704-864-000. Email:


Nyangwa Archdeaconry: Ven. Canon Rogers Namu (0790-261863)

Ngenge Archdeaconry: Ven. Jenard N. Nthiga (0724-853-050)

Kanyuambora Archdeaconry: Ven Canon Stevenson N. Gachucha


Karaba Archdeaconry: Ven. Canon Elizabeth Kibai (0722-620-174)

Mayori Archdeaconry: Ven. Canon Josphat M. Nthiga (0723-552-197)

Siakago Archdeaconry: Ven. Canon Stephen N. Kathanje. (0738-796009)

Other Addresses:

Education, Sunday School, KAYO, MU, KAMA,

ADS Mbeere Mayori Station, P. O. Box 127-60113, Kiritiri.


Comprising Meru South, Imenti Central, Imenti North, Tigania, Igembe and Tharaka Districts. Created on 1st July, 1997 on the sub-division of Kirinyaga Diocese.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Charles Mwendwa
P.O. Box 427 – 60200, Meru,
Tel: 0721-270460/0725-558948

Administrative Secretary: Rev. Andrew Wroblewski,

Tel: 0725558948

Chuka Archdeaconry: Rev. Silas Micheni

Chogoria Archdeaconry: Rev. John Gitari

Mitunguu Archdeaconry: Ven. Canon John Mutiria

Mutindwa Archdeaconry: Ven. David Muuro Nkaabu

Maua Archdeaconry: Rev. Pithon Njuki


The Diocese of Mombasa was founded in 1898 on the sub-division of the former Diocese of Eastern Equatorial Africa. In 1921, Kavirondo was added to it and in 1927, Central Tanganyika was carved out of it. In 1961, Maseno, Nakuru and Fort Hall (Mount Kenya) were separated from Mombasa. In 1964, the Diocese of Nairobi was carved out from Mombasa. The Diocese of Taita Taveta separated from it on 1st July, 1993, while the Diocese of Malindi was carved out of Mombasa on 1st January 2015, leaving the present Diocese of Mombasa.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Julius R.K. Kalu
P.O. Box 80072 – 80100, Mombasa,
Tel: 020-2135208

Administrative Secretary: Rev George Gona Kuza

Vicar General: Ven William Katama

Provost: Very Rev. Can. Dr Festus Kiseu

Changamwe Archdeaconry: Ven Can. Harrison K. Mwesi

Island Archdeaconry: Ven Dr Dorcas C. Kiundu

Kaloleni Archdeaconry: Ven Lucy Lugo

Kisauni Archdeaconry: Ven William Katama

Mariakani Archdeaconry: Ven Charlotte K. Mangi

Matuga Archdeaconry: Ven Dr Bryson Samboja

Rabai Archeaconry: Ven Canon Habel Chambia

Shanzu Archeaconry: Ven Samuel B. G. Nguma

Shimba Hills Archdeaconry: Ven Capt. Nelson Mwanjala

Other Addresses:

Mombasa Memorial Cathedral,

P.O. Box 81962-80100, Mombasa. Tel. 041-2317363

Christian Industrial Training Centre (C.I.T.C.),

P.O. Box 82012, Mombasa

Anglican Development Services (ADS) Pwani,

P.O. Box 80072-80100, Mombasa

Bishop Hannington Institute,

P.O. Box 81150-80100, Mombasa. Tel. 041-2491396

Mission to Seafarers, P.O. Box 80424, Mombasa

St. Luke’s Mission Hospital Kaloleni,

P.O. Box 16, Kaloleni.-Giryama

Mwareni Unit for the Mentally Handicapped,

P.O. Box 448, Mariakani

ACK Youth Polytechnic, Kaloleni, P.O. Box 12, Kaloleni-Giryama.


Created in 1984 on the sub-division of the Diocese of Mount Kenya South. In 1993, the Diocese of Mount Kenya West was carved out while in 1998, the Diocese of Thika was also separated off. On 1st January 2014, Murang’a South Diocese was carvedout, leaving the present Diocese of Mt. Kenya Central.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Timothy Irungu Gichere
P.O. Box 121 – 10200, Murang’a,
Tel: 060-203560/2030559
Office Mobile: 0717-455258


Administrative Secretary: Rev. Samuel Kuria Karabu
(Tel: 060-2030560/2030559

Cathedral Archdeaconry: Ven. Veronica W. Nguni

Gathukeiini Archdeaconry: Ven. Joshua Kamore

Kiru Archdeaconry: Ven. James N. Gakobo

Njumbi Archdeaconry: Ven. Joseph Wambiri

Weithaga Archdeaconry: Ven. John Ndegwa

Muguru Archdeaconry: Ven Canon John Karumwa

Muthira Archdeaconry: Ven. Geoffrey Gathima

Murarandia Archdeaconry: Ven. David Waruingi

Iyego Archdeaconry: Ven. Joy Gladys Mwangi

Ndutumi Archdeaconry: Ven. John Mwangi Gikonyo

Gitugi Archdeaconry: Ven Canon Dishon W. Mwangi

Other Addresses:

Bishop Mahiaini Academy (Primary and Secondary)

P.O. Box 893, Murang’a. Tel. 060-2030559. Mob: 0701-706651

Thomas WilIiams Memorial Academy,

P.O. Box 107, Murang’a. Tel. 060-322059

McGregor Institute, P.O. Box 107, Murang’a. Tel. 060-322059

Mothers’ Union Girls Hostel for Training & Dressmaking courses,

P.O. Box 121-10200, Murang’a

Diocesan Development Education Department,

P.O. Box 121-10200, Murang’a.

Arahuka Book Depot & Bureau Services,

P.O. Box 260, Murang’a, Tel. 060-30105/30880/30881

Christian Industrial Training Centre, Muriranjas,

P.O. Box 113, Kahuro. Tel 060-2030560/2030559

Christian Industrial Training Centre, Maragi,

P.O. Box 121-10200, Murang’a

Diocesan Missionary Association, Sunday School, KAYO, KAMA, Education, TEE, ADS Karaha Zone, P.O. Box 121, Murang’a.


Created in 1975 on the sub-division of the Diocese of Mount Kenya. In 1984, the Diocese of Mount Kenya Central was carved out while that of Thika was carved out of the remaining diocese in 1998, leaving the present Diocese of Mount Kenya South.

Bishop: Rt. Rev. Timothy Ranji Mbuthia
P.O. Box 886-00900, Kiambu.
Tel: 066-2022521/2022997/2022295
Fax: 066-2022408,
Cell: 0724-583596, 0735-212414


Assistant Bishop:

The Rt. Rev. Charles M. Muturi

Tel. 0722-387742

Administrative Secretary: Ven. Canon Juliet Muthoni Bundi

Vicar General/Uthiru Archdeaconry: Ven Kenneth Munanga


Cathedral Archdeaconry: The Very Rev Geoffrey Mungai Ndung’u

Kabete Archdeaconry: Ven. Canon Catherine Kang’ethe

Kirangari Archdeaconry: Ven. Stephen Ngariuku

Sigona Archdeaconry: Ven. Job Kibi Kimani

Kiambaa Archdeaconry: Ven. Francis Thandi Ng’ang’a

Karura Archdeaconry: Ven. David Nyoro Mbugua

Limuru Archdeaconry: Ven. Lois Nduta Musyoka

Kiriita Archdeacomy: Ven. Esther W. Kagicha

Githunguri Archdeaconry: Ven. Canon Joseph N: Kirabi

Ngong Archdeaconry: Ven. Richard Maina Kamau

Riruta Archdeaconry: Ven. Canon Perminus Ngigi Muiru

Thimbigua Archdeaconry: Ven Rufus Githaiga

Other Addresses:

Bishop Kariuki Integrated Community Training Centre,

P.O. Box 38999-00623, Nairobi. Tel. 0702-680504.


Theological Education by Extension (TEE); Education Department, Children’s Department, Kenya Anglican Youth Organization (KAYO),

Mothers’ Union Department, Kenya Anglican Men’s Association (KAMA), ADS Department, Sports Department, Communications and Publicity Department, Missionary Evangelism (DMA), Hospital Chaplaincy and Prisons’ Chaplaincy: All c/o P.O. Box 886-00900, Kiambu.

Tel. 066-2022521/2022997/

Cell phone: 0724-583596, 0735-212414


Created in 1993 on the sub-division of the Diocese of Mount Kenya Central.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Joseph Kagunda
P.O. Box 229-10100, Nyeri,
Tel: 061-2032281

Administrative Secretary: Ven. Gerald Muriithi,

Tel: 0722297447

Cathedral Archdeaconry: Ven. Samuel Mwangi Waweru

Irindi Archdeaconry: Ven. Prof. Dorcas W. Mwai

Githi Archdeaconry: Ven. Peterson K. Ngumo

Ihuririo Archdeaconry: Ven. Peter Kibathi

Kagongo Archdeaconry: Ven. Canon Edwin Githinji Mbiri

Karatina Archdeaconry: Ven. John Githuku

Mukurwe-ini Archdeaconry: Ven. Davidson Gachemi Mutahi

Mweiga Archdeaconry: Ven. Isaac Joseph Njakai

Naromoru Archdeaconry: Ven. Isaac Mwangi Wanjii

St George’s Archdeaconry: Ven Canon Humphrey Irungu

Wiyumiririe Archdeaconry: Ven Julius Kwirikia Ngugi

Other Addresses:

Sunday School, D.M.A, Education, KAYO, KAMA,

MU and Hospital Chaplaincy, P.O. Box 229-10100, Nyeri

ACK Ethi Polytechnic, CITC, P.O. Box 279, Nanyuki or

229-10100 Nyeri. Tel. 061-4749/062-22631, Fax. 061-4813

Health Centres:

Ariiju Health Centre, P.O. Box 14, Dol Dol

ACK Ethi Health Centre, P.O. Box 279, Nanyuki

Kimanjo Health Centre, P.O. Box 14, Dol Dol

Mobile Health Service Co-ordinator,

P.O. Box 279, Nanyuki.

Good Samaritan Health Unit, P.O. Box 229-10100, Nyeri,


Created in January, 1993 on the sub-division of the Diocese of Maseno North.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Dr Joseph Maumo Wandera,
P.O. Box 213 – 50102, Mumias.
Tel: 020-2442846

Vicar General/Mung’ang’a Archdeaconry: Ven. Joshua Okwisia Kalerwa

Administrative Secretary: Ven. Charles Keya.

Mumias Archdeaconry: Ven. John Masinde

Lubinu Archdeaconry: Ven. Alex Makalama Lutta

Namulungu Archdeaconry: Ven. Charles Keya

Munami Archdeaconry: Ven. Julius Kisiwayi Mahasi

Musanda Archdeaconry: Ven. Peter Osundwa Kweyu

Other Address

Bishop Hannington Teachers’ Training College, P.O. Box 471, Mumias.


ACK Mumias Guest House, P.O. Box 213, Mumias.



Created on 1st January 2014 after the sub-division of the Diocese of Mount Kenya Central. Comprises Kandara, Kigumo, and Murang’a South Districts.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Julius Karanu Gicheru
P. O . Box 414-01020,
Tel: 0737-436466/0733-263547

Administrative Secretary: Rev Jackson Kamau Mburu. Tel: 0710-456141.

Vicar General: Ven. Canon Harun M. Chege. Tel: 0724-941964


Makuyu Archdeaconry: Ven Isaac Kang’ethe

Githunguri Archdeaconry: Ven Robert Gathiru.

Muruka Archdeaconry: Ven Julius Kasae.

Kahumbu Archdeaconry: Ven Lukas Njoroge.

Gatumbi Archdeaconry: Ven. Daniel Karanja.

Other Contacts:

Mothers’ Union Chairlady: Mrs Janeffer Karanu

Arahuka Book Depot & Bureau Services: P. O. Box 414-01020, Kenol.

Education Secretary: Rev Julius M. Kasae. Tel: 0722-651608.

Diocesan Youth Officer: Rev Amos Livingstone Mururia Kiraka. Tel: 0726-476228.

Diocesan Missions and Evangelism Co-ordinator: Rev Hillary Murimi

Sunday School Co-ordinator: Rev. Lilian Chege

KAMA Co-ordinator: Rev Capt Patrick Ndorongo


Created in 1964 on the sub-division of the Diocese of Mombasa. In 1985, the Diocese of Machakos was separated from Nairobi Diocese. In 1993 Kajiado Diocese was created from Nairobi Diocese. On 1st September 2002, The All Saints’ Cathedral Diocese was carved out as the Archbishop’s Diocese leaving the present Nairobi Diocese.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Joel Waweru
P.O. Box 72846 – 00200, Nairobi,
Tel PABX: 020-4440524/5 PABX 0726-610520/0733-226337,

Diocesan Office: School Lane, Westlands (Adjacent to St Mark’s Church)

Vicar General: The Ven. Canon John Maina

Administrative Secretary: The Rev. Geoffrey Okapisi

Provost: The Very Rev. Canon Joshua Omungo


Cathedral Archdeaconry: Ven. Canon Peter Maina

Dandora Archdeaconry: The Ven Isaac Gathira

Embakasi Archdeaconry: The Ven. Canon Mary Koigu

Githurai Archdeaconry: The Ven. Fredrick Kibaki

Kasarani Archdeaconry: The Ven. Major (rtd) Samuel Thubi

Kayole Archdeaconry: The Ven. John Anzaya

Lang’ata Archdeaconry: The Ven Canon Geoffrey Kairu

Pumwani Archdeaconry: The Ven Gilbert Odhiambo

Ruai Archdeaconry: The Ven. Canon Jonathan Kabiru

Westlands Archdeaconry: The Ven. Canon Jane Mwangangi

Zimmerman Archdeaconry: The Ven. Canon John Maina (Vicar General)


Imani House Agape Bookshop, (Located at the Diocesan offices, Westlands) Contact: c/o Diocesan Office.

St. John’s Community Centre, Pumwani,

P.O. Box 16254-00610, Nairobi.

Tel. 0723-701945 Email:

St. John’s High School, Pumwani,

Contact: c/o St. John’s Community Centre

Christian Industrial Training Centre Pumwani,

P.O. Box 72935-00200, Nairobi. Mobile: 0722-954039

Email: Website:

Maridadi Fabrics Shauri Moyo,

P.O. Box 67851-00200, Nairobi.

Te1.0720-872214/0788-367727 Email:

Jehovah Jireh Children’s Home: Contact c/o Diocesan Office

Tel: 0707-652-170/0736-227-390/0770-451-668.

Adonai Insurance Agencies Ltd, c/o Diocesan Office, School Lane, Westlands.


Created in 1961 on the sub-division of the Diocese of Mombasa. In 1983, the Diocese of Eldoret was carved out and on 1st January, 2008, the Diocese of Kericho was carved out leaving the present Diocese of Nakuru.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Joseph Muchai
P.O. Box 56-20100, Nakuru,
Tel: 051 2212151/5

Fax: 051 2212437,

Suffragan Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Musa Kamuren
Baringo Area Bishopric
Mobile: 0722-283-367.

Administrative Secretary: Ven Josphat Ng’ang’a.

Email: Tel: 0722-890-851

Provost: The Very Rev. Martin W. Kabiru Tel 0722-312839.

Vicar General: Ven Canon Philip Obwogi Tel: 0733-827150.

Cathedral Archdeaconry: Ven. John Kimani–0722-451628

Kiamunyu Archdeaconry: Ven Susan Karichu–0722-167166.

Nakuru Archdeaconry: Ven. Canon Philip M. Obwogi–0733-827150.

Njoro Archdeaconry: Ven. Canon Samuel Lagat–0722-341747.

Subukia Archdeaconry: Ven David K. Mureithi–0722-927701.

Kabatini Archdeaconry: Ven. Paul M. Muli–0712-241313.

Naivasha Archdeaconry : Ven. Josphat K. Thiong’o–0729-458126.

East Pokot Archdeaconry: Ven. Canon Christopher Chochoi

Baringo Archdeaconry: Ven. Samuel K. Bunyatta–0722-577305.

Other Addresses:

NRIDCCS, P.O. Box 56-20100, Nakuru. Tel. 051-221713

MU, Youth, Sunday School, TEE/KAMA, Mission and Development, 051-2212151

Imani Bookshop, P.O. Box 56, Nakuru. Tel. 051-2212151/5

St. Nicholas Anglican Secondary School,

P.O. Box 10302, Nakuru. Tel. 051-221852/0715-489974

Diocesan Imani Conference Centre and Guest House,

P.O. Box 56, Nakuru. Tel. 051-2212471 or 020-3511540/0729980090.

Berea Farm, P.O. Box 325, Nakuru. Tel. 051-3552162

Berea Christian College for Integrated Studies, P.O. Box 1945, Nakuru.

Tel. 051-52493 Hse: 051-52428.

St. Nicholas Children’s Home, P.O. Box 10076, Nakuru.

Tel. 051-2215116

Microfinance Office: P. O. Box 56, Nakuru, Tel: 051-2212155/1


Created in 1987 on the sub-division of the Diocese of Maseno North. In 1991, the Diocese of Katakwa was carved out and in 1996 the Diocese of Bungoma was also carved out leaving the present Diocese of Nambale.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Dr Robert Magina
P.O. Box 4 – 50409, Nambale.
Tel: 0726-592-257.

Administrative Secretary: Phanice S. Oyatsi.

Email: Tel: 0712-764569.

P. O Box 714-50400, Busia, (K).

Provost: The Very Rev. Isaiah Obuya

Vicar General: The Ven Daniel Olando Were


Nambale Archdeaconry Ven Boniface Ekesa

Nambale Parish, P. O Box 4, Nambale.

Namboboto Archdeaconry Ven Robert Fwaya

Namboboto Parish, P.O. Box 150, Funyula.

Bukhalalire Archdeaconry Ven Jackson O Ogutu

Bhukhalire Parish, P. O Box 77, Murumba via Busia.

Khasoko Archdeaconry Ven Canon Japheth Odebero

Khasoko Parish, P.O. Box 129, Buyofu.

Sigalame Archdeaconry Ven Stephen Onyango

Sigalame Parish, P. O Box 60, Sio Port.

Lugulu Archeaconry Ven. Patrick Juma

Lugulu Parish, P. O Box 13, Elugulu.

Busende Archdeaconry Ven Julius David Ojanji

Busende Parish, P. O. Box 409, Busia (K).

Namaindi Archdeaconry Ven Patrick Achieng

Namaindi Parish, P. O. Box 50, Mungatsi.

Bujumba Archdeaconry Ven Aggrey Aketch Wafula

Lugale Archdeaconry Ven David O. Wanupi

Lugale Parish, P. O Box 27, Port Victoria.

Busia Archdeaconry Ven Daniel Olando Were

Busia Parish, P.O. Box 313, Busia (K)

Mission Rev. Grace Jalango

Main Diocesan Address:

Diocesan Bishop, Diocesan Accountant and Board of Finance, ADS, MU, KAMA, Education Secretary and Board of Education, Communication and Social Services, Sunday School, KAYO, Board of Health,

Director of Mission and Evangelism, Registrar of Church plots and assets: c/o P.O. Box 4-50409, Nambale.


Created on 1st January, 1998 after the sub-division of the Diocese of Nakuru.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Stephen Mwaura Kabora
P.O. Box 926 – 20300, Nyahururu.
(Kirinyaga Road next to Laikipia High School-Nyahururu)
Tel: 065-2032179

Administrative Secretary: Rev. Anthony N. Wanjahi,

Tel: 0721-568701 Email:

Provost: Very Rev. Peter N. Muiru

Vicar General: Ven Julius Maigua


Magumu Archdeaconry: Ven Julius Maigua

Wanjohi Archdeaconry: Ven. Samuel K. Githua

Nyandarua Archdeaconry: Ven Canon Joseph Wainaina

Ndaragwa Archdeaconry: Ven. John M. Kanyori

Nyahururu Archdeaconry: Ven. Moses T. Wachira

Rumuruti Archdeaconry: Ven Simon W. Muchiri

Kinangop Archdeaconry: Ven. Daniel G. Ugunyu

Other Addresses:

Mothers’ Union, Mission and Evangelism, TEE and CRE,

Youth, Sunday School, KAMA,

P.O. Box 926-20300, Nyahururu. Tel. 065-2032179

ACK Mercy Mixed Day and Boarding Secondary School,

Tel: 0726-293173.


Created on 1st January 1993 after the sub-division of the Diocese of Maseno South.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. James Kenneth Ooko Ochiel
O. Box 65-40300, Homa-Bay,
Office Cell: 0721-794-968

Suffragan Bishop: The Rt. Rev. John Orina Omangi
Kisii Area Bishopric
P. O. Box 121-40200
Kisii. Tel: 0725-534-047.

Business and Operations Manager: Mr. Albert Onyango Peter

Administrative Secretary: Ms. Evelyn Orinde

Asst Administrative Secretary: The Rev Baker Omondi Gawo

Homa Bay Archdeaconry: The Ven. Canon William Agutu Otho

Migori Archdeaconry: The Ven. Caren Ulda Ogelo

Akoko Archdeaconry: The Ven. Canon John Olang’o Odanga

Mbita Archdeaconry: The Ven. Philip Washington Omwaga

Kisii Area Bishopric: The Ven. Capt. Tobias Ochieng’ Karan

Oyugis Archdeaconry: The Ven. Canon George Wasonga

Bishop’s Commissary: The Rev. Herbert Gabana Ghori.

Other Addresses:

Mothers’ Union, K.A.M.A., K.A.Y.O, Children Ministry, Women and Youth Microfinance (WAYOMIF project), Music & Education,

Mission and Evangelism, P. O. Box 65-40300, Homa Bay. Tel. 059-22054

St. Luke’s ACK Ogande Dispensary,

P.O. Box 65-40300, Homa Bay

Hope Compassionate Health Services,

P.O. Box 65-40300, Homa Bay.

Tel. 059-22054 Fax: 059-21271

ACK Guest House Homa Bay, P. O. Box 41-40300, Homa Bay.

Tel: 0703-114834. Email:



Was founded on 1st July, 1993 on the sub-division of the Diocese of Mombasa.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Liverson Mng’onda.
P.O. Box 75 – 80300, Voi,
Tel: 043-2030096


Ndome Archdeaconry

Kighombo Archdeaconry

Rong’e Archdeaconry

Sagalla Archdeaconry

Kasigau Archdeaconry

Mbale Archdeaconry

Werugha Archdeaconry

Wusi Archdeaconry

Mwatate Archdeaconry

Taveta Archdeaconry

Voi Archdeaconry

Other Addresses:

Administrative Secretary & Other Diocesan Departments: Sunday School, G.F.S. / Boys Brigade, KAYO, M.U. & KAMA

C/o P.O. Box 75, Voi. Tel: 043-2030096.

ACK St. Bartholomew School, P.O. Box 98, Voi.

ACK DTTATA Enterprise, P.O. Box 75, Voi.


Carved from the dioceses of Mt. Kenya South and Mt. Kenya Central on 1st July, 1998.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Julius N. Wanyoike,
P.O. Box 214-01000, Thika,
0722 423455/0732 578640.

Administrative Secretary: The Ven. James Kamura (0720-411172)

Vicar General: The Ven John Wanjihia (0734-60953)

Provost: The Very Rev. Joseph Wanyoike (0721-807446)

Cathedral Archdeaconry: The Ven. James Kamura (0720-411172)

Giachuki Archdeaconry: The Ven. Wilson Kamau (0721-484707)

Kariara Archdeaconry: The Ven. Canon John Mbuthia (0720223767)

Mang’u Archdeaconry: The Ven. Patrick Mukuna (0770-527126)

Ruiru Archdeaconry: The Ven. Joyce Kabuba (0722-433911)

Thika Memorial Archdeaconry: The Ven. Stephen Nduati (0708-140672)

Juja Archdeaconry: The Ven. David Karethiu (0720-339519)

Makongeni Archdeaconry: The Ven Solomon Kamungura (0722-102245)

Other Addresses:

ACK Thika Talent SACCO Limited. P.O. Box 214, Thika. (0708-683123)

St. Luke’s Bookshop, P.O. Box 214, Thika. (0724-862938)


Namrata Shah Children’s Home, Manager, Jedidah Chandi (0723-042804) P.O. Box 214, Thika.

Education Department: Mr Huruko Njau (Education Secretary-0722-351835)

Initiation Counselling The Rev Andrew Karanja (Programme Coordinator-0723-153352) P.O. Box 214, Thika.

Institute of Leadership, Counseling and Congregational

Development (I.L.C.C.D.), P.O. Box 1096, Thika. Tel. 067-30440

Thika Memorial Church School.

P.O. Box 1647, Thika Tel. 067-22560

Bishop Njuguna Academy, P.O. Box 3225, Thika.

Tel. 067-31130

St. Phillip’s Gatakaini Academy,

P.O. Box 24, Gatura

St. Peter’s Kame Academy,

P.O. Box 70, Mukerenju via Thika

St. Luke’s Makongeni Academy,

P.O. Box 3224, Thika. Tel. 067-31127

St. Michael & All Angels’ Academy,

P.O. Box 148, Ruiru. Tel. 067-55096

CITC: P.O. Box 1096, Thika. Principal: Peter Macharia (0722-277523)


Garisssa Missionary Area

The Rt. Rev. David N. Mutisya

P.O. Box 1384-70100, Garissa.

Email: Office Mobile: 0706-284128.


Garissa Archdeaconry: Ven. George Owino

Wajir Archdeaconry: Ven Joshua Wambua.

Lodwar Missionary Area

P.O. Box 108–30500, Lodwar

Diocesan Institution

ACK St. Nicholas Community Development Centre, Karen.

P.O. Box 24639-00502, Karen.

Tel: 0729-242478. Email:

Other Addresses

Diocesan Departments: Mothers’ Union, KAMA, Children’s Ministry, KAYO.