ACK Diocese of Kitui

ACK Diocese of Kitui

The Diocese of Kitui was created upon the subdivision of the Diocese of Machakos in April 1995. Its first Bishop was the Most Rev. Benjamin Nzimbi, who later became the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya in 2002. In December 8, 2002, The Rt. Rev. Josephat Mule was Consecrated & Enthroned as its 2nd Bishop. It serves the administrative counties of Mwingi and Kitui. The diocese is served by 8 Archdeaconries.


  • Ikanga Archdeaconry
  • Syongila Archdeaconry
  • Katheka Archdeaconry
  • Yatta Archdeaconry
  • Mwingi Archdeaconry
  • Kyuso Archdeaconry
  • Ulungu Archdeaconry
  • Kitui Archdeaconry
Rt. Rev. Gedion Muneni Nzoka

Retired Bishops

  1. The Most Rev. Benjamin Nzimbi (1995-2002)
  2. The-Rt.-Rev-Josephat-Mule (2002 – 2019)

Contact Information.

Bishop: Rt. Rev. Josephat V. Mule (Enthroned on the 8th of December, 2002)

P.O. Box 1054-90200, Kitui

Tel. 04444-22119