ACK Diocese of Mbeere

ACK Diocese of Mbeere

The Diocese of Mbeere was created on the 1st of July 1997, upon the subdivision of the Diocese of Embu. It lies under a Semi- arid and arid Lands and people of the area are Peasant farmers. It is fairly cosmopolitan, comprising majorly the Kamba and Mbeere communities, among others.  It serves parts of the County of Embu, Mbeere North and Mbeere South Sub Counties. The Diocese is served by six Archdeaconries.

Upon formation, The Rt. Rev. Gideon G. Ireri was consecrated on 26th October 1997 becoming the first Bishop of the Diocese. He retired in 2008 and succeeded by The Rt. Rev. Moses Masamba Nthuka who was Consecrated & Enthroned on 12th Oct. 2008


  • Nyangwa Archdeaconry
  • Ngenge Archdeaconry
  • Kanyuambora Archdeaconry

  • Karaba Archdeaconry
  • Mayori Archdeaconry
  • Siakago Archdeaconry

Rt. Rev. Moses Masamba

Diocesan Bishop and Dean of the Province


Rt. Rev. Dr. John Kimani Nthiga 

Assistant Bishop

Retired Bishops

  1. The Rt. Rev. Gideon G. Ireri (1997-2008)

 Contact Information

Bishop: Rev. Dr. Moses Masamba Nthuka (Consecrated & Enthroned on the 12th Oct. 2008)

P.O. Box 122 – 60104, Siakago

Tel: 0721-423-840.