ACK Diocese of Mount Kenya Central

This Diocese was created in 1984 by the division of Mount Kenya South. The Rt. Rev. John Mahiaini Mutua became the first Bishop and was followed after his retirement by the Rt. Rev. Julius Gatambo Gachache, who was consecrated on 5 December, 1993. In 1993 the Diocese was split to create room for the Diocese of Mount Kenya West. Even so, the Diocese at the time of subdivision had about half a million Anglicans spread across 67 parishes and with 100 clergy. That was about a quarter of the number of Anglican Church members in the country at the time. The Diocese also had more clergy than any other Diocese except Nairobi, though some others Dioceses had more congregations. Bishop Gatambo retired in 2004. He was assisted by Bishop Allan Waithaka who was consecrated in 2002. The Rt. Rev Isaack Ngang’a became Bishop in 2005 and served until November 2015. He was succeeded by the Rt. Rev. Timothy Gichere who was enthroned as Bishop on the 30th of July, 2017. The Diocese is home to the original Mount Kenya headquarters and cathedral at Murang‘a.

The Diocese, together with that of Mt. Kenya South, were further subdivided to create the Diocese of Thika in 1st of July 1999. It was also subdivided in January 2014 to create the Diocese of Murang’a south.


  • Cathedral Archdeaconry
  • Gathukeiini Archdeaconry
  • Kiru Archdeaconry
  • Njumbi Archdeaconry
  • Weithaga Archdeaconry
  • Muguru Archdeaconry
  • Muthira Archdeaconry
  • Murarandia Archdeaconry
  • Iyego Archdeaconry
  • Ndutumi Archdeaconry
  • Gitugi Archdeaconry
The Rt. Rev. Timothy Irungu Gichere

Retired Bishops

  1. The Rt. Rev. John Mahiaini Mutua
  2. The Rt. Rev. Julius Gatambo Gachache (1993-2004)
  3. The Rt. Rev Isaack Ngang’a (2005-2015)
  4. The Rt. Rev. Allan Waithaka (Assistant Bishop: 2002-2017)

Contact Information.

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Timothy Irungu Gichere

P.O. Box 121 – 10200, Murang’a,

Tel: 060-203560/2030559

Office Mobile: 0717-455258