ACK Diocese of Mt. Kenya West

ACK Diocese of Mount Kenya West

This Diocese was created in 1993 after the subdivision of the Diocese of Mount Kenya Central. It has its headquarters at Nyeri. The first Bishop was the Rt. Rev. Alfred C. Chipman, consecrated on 6 July 1993. The Diocese started with about 15,000 Anglicans, 10 parishes, 120 congregations and 21 clergy. The Diocese is at present headed by the Rt. Rev. Joseph Kagunda who replaced Bishop Chipman. He was consecrated on 8th August 2004.


  • Cathedral Archdeaconry
  • Irindi Archdeaconry
  • Githi Archdeaconry
  • Ihuririo Archdeaconry
  • Kagongo Archdeaconry
  • Karatina Archdeaconry
  • Mukurwe-ini Archdeaconry
  • Mweiga Archdeaconry
  • Naromoru Archdeaconry
  • St George’s Archdeaconry
  • Wiyumiririe Archdeaconry
  • Mucharage Archdeaconry
  • Othaya Archdeaconry
Rt. Rev. Joseph Kagunda

Retired Bishops

  1. The Rt. Rev. Alfred C. Chipman (1993-2004)

Bishop: The Rev. Joseph Kagunda (consecrated on the 8th August 2004)

P.O. Box 229-10100, Nyeri,

Tel: 061-2032281