ACK Diocese of Nakuru

ACK Diocese of Nakuru

The Diocese of Nakuru was created in 1961 and the Rt. Rev. Neville Langford-Smith was enthroned on 11 February of that year as its first Bishop. He had been the First assistant Bishop consecrated in Kenya on 24 August 1960. Its headquarters were in Nakuru town.
Covering nearly all the (former) Rift Valley Province and a few adjacent areas, Nakuru was not only the largest Diocese in the country but the one containing the largest un-evangelized areas as well as the sparsely populated northern areas. It covered the “White Highlands” where farmers (with a few honorable exceptions) did not encourage Evangelism among their labour and squatters. It was only when independence was approaching that CMS was able to start up work in Kinangop. To meet this situation very detailed plans were setup for manpower training and evangelism. The Diocese began with 23 clergy, 12 lay readers and 578 communicants.

The Diocese of Nakuru inherited no buildings. Churches, Chaplaincy and pastorate residences were all the property of the bodies which had erected them. The Bible Churchmen’s Missionary Society was active over much of the Diocese, and the Chaplaincies came under the Colonial and Continental Church society.

The inaugural Synod of Nakuru Diocese passed unanimously a motion recognizing “the Parish as a normal Anglican Unit of the Organization and asking chaplaincies and pastorates to take immediate steps towards realization of this aim. The Parish of the Mau, combining the Chaplaincy and the Pastorate of Molo, was inaugurated on Sunday the 26th March 1961; the Parish of Nakuru on the 30th September 1962; the Parish of Uasin Gishu on the 23rd March, 1963, and the Parish of Trans Nzoia on the 27th June, 1964. A “United Parish” of Western Aberdares already existed before the creation of the Diocese.

The Rt. Rev. Manasses Kuria became Assistant Bishop of Nakuru on 25 April, 1970 and Diocesan Bishop on 11 January, 1976. When he became Archbishop in 1980, the Rt. Rev. Laadan Kamau Mbiu became the third Bishop of Nakuru. On retirement he was followed by the Rt. Rev. Stephen Njihia Mwangi, consecrated on 8 April, 1990.  He retired in 2011. The Rt Rev. Dr. Joseph Kamwati Muchai was consecrated and enthroned as Bishop on the 8th of January 2012. On the 1st of march 2015, the Rt. Rev. Musa Kamuren was consecrated and enthroned as Assistant Bishop, in charge of Baringo Area Bishopric which later became a fully-fledged Diocese in 2018. The Diocese has 9 Archdeaconries.


  • Cathedral Archdeaconry
  • Kiamunyu Archdeaconry
  • Nakuru Archdeaconry
  • Njoro Archdeaconry
  • Subukia Archdeaconry
  • Kabatini Archdeaconry
  • Naivasha Archdeaconry
  • East Pokot Archdeaconry
The Rt. Rev. Joseph Muchai

Retired Bishops

  1. Rev. Neville Langford-Smith (1961-1976)
  2. The Rt. Rev. Manasses Kuria (1976-1980)
  3. The Rt. Rev. Laadan Kamau Mbiu (1980-1990)
  4. Rev. Stephen Njihia Mwangi (1990-2011)

Contact information

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Joseph Muchai (Consecrated on the 8th of January 2012).

P.O. Box 56-20100, Nakuru,

Tel: 051 2212151/5

Fax: 051 2212437,