The ACK Provincial Secretary is the Executive officer of the Church. He/She Oversees the execution and implementation of Managerial duties at the Provincial office which serves as the secretariat of The Anglican Church. He/she is appointed by the Archbishop in consultation with the Standing Committee of the Provincial Synod.

The functions of the Provincial Secretary’s office are:

  • It’s the Public Relations office of the Church
  • Coordination of the Church’s governance meetings
  • Serves as a secretariat for the Church
  • Liaises with Dioceses and Church partners all over the world with consultation with the Archbishop’s Office and other organs of the Church
  • Handles the staffing needs, Human Resource Development, General management and coordination of the Provincial office.
  • Counselling and conflict resolution of control and safeguarding of Church resources
  • Keeping inventory of all Church assets
  • Responsible for the church archives.
  • Ensures Compliance of the Church to the laws of the Country.
Rev. Canon Prof. Joseph Galgalo
Rev. Canon Prof. Joseph Galgalo

Joseph D Galgalo, is the immediate former Vice Chancellor of St. Paul’s University in Limuru, Kenya. He is a Professor of Systematic Theology at the same university, but is currently on leave of absence and fully engaged as the Provincial Secretary in-charge of Mission strategy, Research and Linkages at the Provincial office of the Anglican Church of Kenya. He holds a PhD in Systematic Theology from the University of Cambridge, UK from where he graduated in 2001. His doctoral research was on “Eucharistic Sacrifice: A Theological Study of the Sacrificial Interpretation of the Early Eucharist and its Role in the Economy of Salvation (AD.30-202),” under the supervision of Prof. David F Ford, then the Regius Professor of Divinity, University of Cambridge.

Prof Galgalo is a born-again Christian, an ordained minister in the Anglican Church of Kenya and an honorary Canon of All Saints Cathedral, Nairobi, Kenya. He is a family man married to Jane Galgalo, and are blessed with three children.

He has experience spanning over 20 years in teaching, supervision, research, mentorship and administration at the university level. He served as the Head of Department in the Faculty of Theology, St. Paul’s University (2003 – 2006) and later as the Dean of Faculty of Theology (2006 – 2010) before he was appointed to the position of the University’s Vice-Chancellor, a role he has held from 2010 to 2020.

He has served on the Inter-Anglican Theological and Doctrinal Commission (2001-2007), Archbishop of Canterbury’s Panel of Reference (2005-2006), Theological Education Reference Group for the Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa (CAPA) (2004-2008), member of Ecumenical Theological Education Board of WCC (2003 – 2006); and currently on the committee of the Anglican Communion’s Lambeth Working Group (LWG); and is also on numerous other academic networks, community and non-governmental organizations where he has served or continues to serve.

Prof. Galgalo is a recipient of numerous awards in recognition of his service including the most recent award of the Cross of St Augustine for Services to the Anglican Communion from the Archbishop of Canterbury. He is an experienced speaker and delivers academic lectures globally, the latest being the 2020 Henry Martyn Lectures, a prestigious biennial lecture series sponsored by the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide, University of Cambridge; where he delivered a three-part lecture series titled: “Uniqueness and Universality of Jesus Christ: Inculturation Christologies of Africa

He has keen interest in inter-contextual and contextual theologies, and theological education. His research interests include developments in contextual theologies, especially African Christianity, inculturation Christologies, Theological Education and Church Relations. He is the author of African Christianity: The Stranger Within; and African Christologies: A Survey and Critique of Interpretations of Jesus in Africa and has co-edited many books including, Theological Education in Africa, and Theology, Disability and Society, and have published several book chapters and articles in refereed Journals on various subjects including African Christology, Anglican Church Growth, Syncretism and ethno-Christianity, Eucharist, Theological Education, Theology in the University, God and Disability, Human Sexuality, Christian response to Terrorism, Leadership and Mission Strategies, and many more.


The Rev. Dr. Canon Rosemary Muthoni Mbogo is the Provincial Secretary of the Anglican Church of Kenya. A dynamic leader, trainer and manager, Dr. Rosemary holds a Bachelor of Education (University of Nairobi) and a Masters of Arts degree in Theology and Biblical Counseling from the Nairobi International School   of Theology. She has worked as a teacher, Head-teacher, Inspector of schools, lecturer, and University Council Member at St. Paul’s University. In addition, she is an ordained clergy in the Anglican Church. Until 2018, she was the Chairperson of the National Council of Churches. She has also been involved in other national advocacy engagements which have contributed immensely in addressing issues affecting the country. These include, among others, the National Council of Churches of Kenya as the Commission Member.

Dr. Rosemary has also published two books namely “Woman, a vessel of Honor” and Great Potential” explores various issues that affect women and the place that they hold in the growth of a vibrant society. She passionately highlights the dignity of women in Development both in terms of personal and community growth.

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