ACK Diocese of Maseno West

ACK Diocese of Maseno West

This Diocese was created in 1985 out of the Diocese of Maseno South. Its headquarters are at Siaya town and the first Bishop was the Rt. Rev J. Daniel Omolo, who had previously been assisting Bishop Okullu in Maseno South. On Bishop Omolo’s retirement in December, 1990 the Rt. Rev. Joseph Otieno Wasonga, was elected to succeed him. The Diocese is currently served by 3 Archdeaconries through 43 parishes.


  • Ng’iya Archdeaconry
  • Regea Archdeaconry
  • Mudhiero Archdeaconry
Rt. Rev. Joseph Otieno Wasonga

Retired Bishops:

  1. The Rt. Rev J. Daniel Omolo

Contact Information:

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Wasonga (Consecrated on the 21st of July, 1991)