ACK Diocese of Taita-Taveta

The ACK Diocese of Taita Taveta was created on 1 July 1993 by subdivision of the Diocese of Mombasa and covers the Taita-Taveta administrative district. The first Bishop is the Rt. Rev. Samson M. Mwaluda, consecrated on 24 October 1993. Its Headquarters are at Voi. This is one of the first areas to have developed on indigenous ministry and send staff out to evangelize elsewhere at the turn of the 20th century. The church there stood up well to isolation when the area was occupied by German troops during the First World War. Bishop Dr. Mwaluda retired in August 2016 and succeeded by The Rt. Rev. Liverson Mng’onda who was consecrated as the Bishop in the same year and continues to serve to date in the same capacity. It has 11 Archdeaconries.


  • Ndome Archdeaconry
  • Kighombo Archdeaconry
  • Rong’e Archdeaconry
  • Sagalla Archdeaconry
  • Kasigau Archdeaconry
  • Mbale Archdeaconry
  • Werugha Archdeaconry
  • Wusi Archdeaconry
  • Mwatate Archdeaconry
  • Taveta Archdeaconry
  • Voi Archdeaconry
The Rt. Rev. Liverson Mng’onda.

Retired Bishops

  1. The Rt. Rev. Samson M. Mwaluda (1993-2016)

Contact information:

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Liverson Mng’onda.

P.O. Box 75 – 80300, Voi,

Tel: 043-2030096